• Industry's Fastest .NET Datagrid

    FlexGrid continues to be the industry's fastest data grid, loading large data sets up to 10x faster than the competition

  • Flexible UI Controls for Complete WinForms Applications

    Reduce developer overhead with extensive built-in feature sets, including flexible data binding.

  • Easy-To-Use, Extensive API

    Extend your desktop controls and reduce your learning curve with our deep, easy-to-read API.

  • Touch Support for WinForms Applications

    Use the TouchToolkit to broaden the reach of your WinForms apps.

  • Modern Microsoft Office 2016 Themes

    40+ built-in Microsoft and Office themes allow you to create beautiful, modern WinForms apps in less time.

  • Full Visual Studio and Windows 10 Support

    Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration, and designed for the VS ecosystem. Also supports Windows 10.

Get the WinForms Demo Explorer

Get the WinForms Demos

FlexChart Explorer includes hundreds of WinForms charts and interactions

All of our WinForms demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Demos include:

  • WinForms UI Control Explorer
  • WinForms Charts, Reports, and Financial Chart Explorers
  • TouchToolkit
  • Sales Dashboard App
  • Weather Chart
  • Currency Comparison
  • Stock Chart
  • Software Development Plan
  • Maps
  • Rich Text Editor

Download WinForms Demo Explorer

What's New

What's New

Build Complex Filter Expressions with FilterEditor - The FilterEditor component shares the DataFilter Engine and enables the end-user to easily build category-based AND/OR filter expressions. The control can be bound to a data source and it will automatically provide visual options to create expressions based on available fields. Complex expressions can be created using a combination of AND\OR operators and a set of available filters.

Parse and Evaluate Formulaic Expressions using CalcEngine - Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with CalcEngine for .NET Standard.

Improved Error Validation for FlexGrid - The validation feature of FlexGrid has become more powerful with enhanced support for DataAnnotations like Required, StringLength, Range, Compare. In addition, an EditorValidation collection property has been added to the FlexGrid column for validation of editor value, this collection includes RequiredRule, StringLengthRule, RangeRule, CompareRule.

Incrementally Load Data using Data Virtualization for FlexGrid - Data virtualization can now be implemented with FlexGrid and DataCollection library. The DataCollection is a powerful collection based on the .NET standard that supports grouping, filtering, sorting, data virtualization and specialized scenarios through its different implementations.

New and Improved Charts with FlexChart - You can now use FlexCharts inside FlexPivot for visual data analysis using the new FlexPivotChart control. FlexChart has a modern look and is faster than the legacy C1Chart control. Unless you implemented custom code using C1FlexPivotChart, it should be easy to swap to the new charts.

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