Over 120 Advanced WinForms UI Controls and Components

Deliver intuitive and beautiful Windows Forms applications in less time.

  • Display and edit data with lightning-fast datagrids and input controls
  • Endless data visualization options with flexible charts and reporting components
  • Complete your apps with essential docking, ribbon, and dashboard layout controls
  • Extensive API and built-in customization options
  • Support for .NET Framework, .NET 6 and .NET 7
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WinForms UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their desktop applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible WinForms controls, including datagrids, charts, input, and more.

Why Choose ComponentOne for Your WinForms Applications?

The Industry's Best .NET Datagrid

FlexGrid continues to be the industry's fastest data grid—loading large data sets up to 10x faster than the competition.

Fun and Easy-To-Use Design

Enjoy building your UI swiftly thanks to our smart Visual Studio design-time integration. 

Extensive and Flexible API

Get the features you need for today and tomorrow, with an ever-growing API that allows you to customize every control to your specifications.

Develop Desktop Apps With Style

Go beyond the standard desktop look-and-feel with 40+ built-in themes, or create your own with our Theme Designer.

Deliver Modern, Touch-first Desktop Apps

Broaden the reach of your desktop apps for touch screens and tablets using our unique TouchToolkit.

500+ VB and C# Samples

Learn how to implement every feature hands-on with access to hundreds of code samples—installed locally or found on GitHub.

Visual Studio 2022 and Windows 11 Support

With seamless toolbox and project template integration, ComponentOne is the perfect companion to Visual Studio development on Windows 11.

Manageable Distribution With NuGet Packages

Make package management effortless with ComponentOne NuGet packages on nuget.org or installed locally.

Popular WinForms UI Controls

FlexGrid: WinForms Datagrid

Power your enterprise WinForms applications with FlexGrid, a powerful, high-performance datagrid. Load and display large data sets quicker than any other .NET datagrid.

FlexChart: WinForms Charting Control

With 80+ chart types and super-fast DirectX rendering, your WinForms data visualizations will bring your applications and dashboards to life.

FlexReport: .NET Reporting Engine

Deliver fast, modern .NET reports for your business apps, complete with data visualization and code-free report building.

InputPanel: Automatic Form Control

Generate complete data entry forms with a single line of code. Form management is easy with automatic layout and alignment.

Ribbon: Complete Toolbar System

Complete your desktop apps with a fluent, ribbon-style toolbar based on UI concepts from Microsoft Office 365—supporting vector icons, backstage view, simplified toolbar, and more.

DockingTab: Complete Workspace Docking System

Create a familiar tab control workspace in WinForms—featuring a flexible docking behavior and styling just like Visual Studio itself.

Additional .NET Framework-Only Controls

The following controls are supported in .NET Framework 4.5.2+.

Data Management

Reporting & Documents


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Get the WinForms Demo Explorer

Access all WinForms demos in a single, downloadable desktop explorer.

Explore every feature in the Control Explorer and showcase FlexGrid and FlexChart demos.

See the controls in action across several realistic applications, including Sales Dashboard, Software Development Plan, Stock Analysis, Weather Chart, Rich Text Editor, and more.

Do More With UI + Data Layer Components

WinForms Data Services Edition

Upgrade your WinForms Control Suite to our WinForms Data Services Edition and get the same 120+ WinForms UI controls, plus helpful data layer components for connecting, querying, and analyzing multiple data sources.

  • Data connectors for accessing and integrating data from various online, CRM, and cloud-based sources
  • A data engine for ETL and quick, in-memory data analysis
  • Text parsing components for extracting data from sources other than a database
  • Web APIs for generating, caching, and exporting images, documents, Excel files, reports, and barcodes

Frequently Asked Questions About WinForms Edition

ComponentOne WinForms controls are time-tested—used by thousands of .NET developers over the past two decades. We help support older versions of .NET while also innovating and providing new features in the latest version.

Both are full-featured datagrids that are fully supported in .NET 4.0 and higher. For new development, we recommend using FlexGrid for new features and enhancements.

We include controls for .NET 2.0 and higher, but fully support only .NET 4.5.2 and higher.

The price is $995.

Easy Licensing and Distribution

Manage your licenses through your GrapeCity account.

Licensing FAQ

ComponentOne is licensed per developer. Once you purchase a license, you can build and publish your .NET applications using ComponentOne controls. Licensing is perpetual and royalty-free.

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Become an OEM Partner

To create your own commercially licensed SDK or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized per customer. 

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End-User Licensing Agreement

Our End-User License Agreement (EULA) includes information on ComponentOne's licensing, legal agreement, and the terms and conditions that govern software usage. 

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ComponentOne Customer Feedback and Awards

"Prompt responses, quality feedback, and help with code examples. Fantastic service!"


"Excellent product with good support"


"I am very appreciative of the effort your entire team gave to make this transaction happen. Thank you for your efforts!"


ComponentSource #2 Publisher 2022 Award ComponentSource #3 Product 2022 Award

"With GrapeCity WinForms components, along with their effective support, we were able to create and maintain our systems. Maximum customer satisfaction and extreme usability are our goals, and these tools have been our best partners."

Artur Gomes, Product Manager - Digidelta Software Development

"Using tools within the Microsoft ecosystem, ComponentOne Studio has extended charting capabilities with advanced features such as trend lines and scaling. "

Dave Mendlen, Senior Director of Developer Marketing - Microsoft Corp.

"I purchased ComponentOne FlexGrid and it saved my project. I took a gamble that I could effectively display the data using WinForms DataGrids. These features have turned my project from a test program into a polished professional product with a secure financial future."

Phil Best, C# SQL Software Developer & Electrical Engineer - Strategy Map

"We evaluated third-party components from several vendors, and ComponentOne clearly was the best fit for our needs. With ComponentOne Reports for WinForms, I was able to do more in two weeks than I achieved in a month with another vendor’s solution."

David Kepple, Software Engineer, ASPEX

"ComponentOne is the only solution that provided both high-quality and performance-optimized UI components along with a world-class reporting solution."

Robert Collins, President - Brisinger Group