SuperTooltip: Custom Tooltip Control for WinForms

  • Add informative tooltips, labels and error providers in WinForms apps
  • Give your app a voice of its own by adding rich, informative tooltips, as well as labels and error providers with ComponentOne SuperTooltip™ for WinForms
  • These controls render HTML content so you can easily display multiple fonts, colors, tables, lists, images, and more
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Display Rich, Formatted Content

Display rich and formatted content in tooltips, as well as labels and error messages in your application using HTML. SuperTooltip components support the following HTML items:

  • Nested <div> elements
  • Mixed fonts and text colors using <span> tags
  • Preformatted text using <pre> tags
  • Paragraph alignment
  • Formatted and nested tables with spanning rows and columns
  • Nested, bulleted, and numbered lists
  • Images loaded from the application resources
  • Plain text and content formatted from cascading style sheets

Add Rounded Corners

Further customize the look of your tooltip with rounded corners, instead of the standard rectangular corner. SuperToolTip provides a RoundedCorners property that makes this possible.

Professional Tooltip Styles

Create professional looking, Vista-style tooltips, or choose from four other available background gradients: Blue, Gold, Olive, and Silver.

Create Semi-transparent Tooltips

With the Opacity property of SuperTooltip, you can create semi-transparent tooltips.

Control the Location of Tooltips

The SuperTooltip.Popup event enables you to manage the position of the tooltip. For example, display a tooltip anywhere to draw attention to a certain control on your form. The tooltip can be positioned by a control's location or by client coordinates.

Display Blocks of Rich Text with Hyperlinks

Use the SuperLabel control to display blocks of rich content — which is encoded as HTML — in your Windows Forms apps. Include paragraph formatting, images, tables and even hyperlinks, which can navigate within your application or take the user to the Web.

Faster and Independent from Internet Explorer

SuperTooltip for WinForms uses its own lightweight HTML parser and renderer completely written in C#, which is much faster than its standard counterparts. Because it doesn't depend on Internet Explorer, SuperTooltip for WinForms doesn't come with the security concerns often associated with the WebBrowser control.

Provide Rich Error Messaging

The new SuperErrorProvider is similar to the standard ErrorProvider component, except that it enables you to display rich error information using HTML instead of plain text. For example, you can use icons and bold red titles for the error tooltips, making messages more clear to the user. You can also display error messages when the user hovers or clicks on the error images.