• Touch-First, Flexible ASP.NET MVC Datagrid

    FlexGrid puts control in your hands with built-in support for filtering, sorting, and editing data

  • Save Time with Scaffolders and Project Templates

    Built-in scaffolders support code-free views, and our project templates for model binding, AJAX binding, and spreadsheets support ASP.NET Core 2.0

  • 100+ Data Visualization Charts and Tools

    With financial charts, FlexChart, and gauges, you'll deliver stunning web apps in less time

  • Power Your Apps With the Web API

    With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, you can combine ASP.NET MVC's OLAP with the Web API to create scalable, testable web apps and aggregate big data

  • Built-In Accessibility in Top Controls

    FlexGrid, treeview, gauge, listbox, combobox, and menu all have built-in support for ARIA 1.1 standards

  • Collaborate Better with Tag Helpers and SignalR Support

    TagHelpers allow you to vastly improve the readability of your code; SignalR creates apps that allow users to collaborate and edit a web app simultaneously

  • Support for Razor Pages

    The controls are fully supported in Razor Pages applications, the control designer enables guided insert and update of the controls

Kickstart your projects with ASP.NET MVC Scaffolders and Designers

Try ASP.NET MVC Scaffolder Wizard

Try ASP.NET MVC Scaffolder Wizard

With our newly-enhanced scaffolders, you can use the control wizard to configure controls when you're not using Entity Framework and generate code for a C1 MVC control! Scaffolders include:

  • FlexGrid
  • MultiRow
  • FlexSheet
  • FlexChart
  • FlexPie
  • Sunburst Chart
  • FlexRadar
  • Input
  • NEW! Razor Pages

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What's New

.NET Core 3.1 Support

.NET Core 3.1 Support - With 2020 V2, all ASP.NET Core MVC controls are now .NET Core 3.1 compatible except for C1Editor control and legacy C1Report. Users planning to port their .NET Framework applications to .NET Core 3.1 can use the 2020V2 controls to do so.

FlexGrid Enhancements

  • Checkbox Selection & Boolean Checker - We added a FlexGrid selector that adds checkboxes for row selection. This is very useful on mobile devices, which have no keyboards with shift and control keys for extended selections.
  • Template Functions and Column Pinning - This feature enables calling functions at runtime to create custom cells. This is helpful in creating button, hyperlink, image, rating and sparkline columns using the client side CellMaker.

FlexChart Enhancements

  • BreakEven Chart - We added a new chart type that helps in visualising sales volume level at which total costs equal sales, losses will be incurred below this point, and profits will be earned above this point.

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Try ASP.NET MVC and Core Demos

Try ASP.NET MVC and Core Demos

The LearnMVC Client

Most of our ASP.NET MVC demos are available in both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core. You can get quick lessons on our top ASP.NET MVC controls and find plenty of sample ASP.NET MVC apps to get you started.

You can also try the LearnMVC Client to shorten your ASP.NET MVC learning curve. Experiment with the ASP.NET MVC controls and learn MVC while you work!

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