MultiRow Data Grid for ASP.NET MVC

  • Utilize multiple rows to represent each data item in tabular format in ASP.NET MVC
  • Reduce scrolling in wide grids and spreadsheets with MultiRow, a cutting-edge control that allows you to wrap columns into a single view
  • Includes all the features of FlexGrid with the added benefit of a more compact view
  • Available as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise
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Reduce Scrolling on Smaller Layouts in a Familiar Data Grid Setting

  • Display many fields in a single page without scrolling

  • Display a grid in a flexible layout

  • Group some fields to show the hierarchical structure

  • Uses multiple rows to represent each record

  • Merge cells for each record (not only for a single record)

  • The header has the same layout as the body and can also be collapsed into a single row

  • Users can navigate with the keyboard just like in a single row grid

  • Select all rows of a record by clicking the row header


Access All the Features of Flexgrid

  • Filtering

  • Grouping

  • Paging

  • Freezing rows and columns

  • Adding and deleting records

  • Data type

  • Datamap

  • Resizing column

  • Read more about FlexGrid


Transpose the Rows and Columns

MultiRow for ASP.NET MVC supports a transposed view, which is another way to show tabular data and is especially useful when there are few data items. The transposed multi-row aspect repeats the records horizontally instead of vertically like in a traditional grid.