Suggest Text in a Drop-Down List

The MVC AutoComplete control shows suggested text for a field in a drop-down list by retrieving data from the server. This list is filtered as the user types making it easier to work with large lists.

ASP.MVC Drop-Down List
Automatic completion as you type

Automatic Completion and Selection As You Type

The MVC ComboBox is very similar to the AutoComplete control. Instead of providing a list of suggestions as you type, the ComboBox will automatically complete and select the entry you type, supporting case-sensitive and insensitive searching. Select values by choosing them from a list with autocompletion.

Standard MVC Data Binding

You can populate ComboBox and AutoComplete with data from arrays or dynamic lists. The AutoComplete controls can show string values from a list or display values through sophisticated binding by mapping the DisplayMemberPath and SelectedValuePath to object properties.

MVC Data Binding
Search Results

Highlight Search Results

AutoComplete offers several properties for altering its behavior, like the CSSMatch property. With the CSSMatch property, you can specify the CSS class that is used to highlight the parts of the content that match your search terms.

Format and Group Items

The ComboBox control allows you to easily format items through a template and display custom content in the control's drop-down list. You can also apply grouping to the items within the drop-down list.


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