CalcEngine: Expression Parser for .NET

Parse and evaluate expressions like Microsoft Excel with CalcEngine for .NET Standard.

  • Calculate the sales projections or statistical calculations to find patterns in data
  • Load data from Microsoft Excel into a datagrid and show computed values in cells
  • Evaluate algebraic expressions, mathematical functions, and formulas using variable

Why Choose CalcEngine for Your .NET Applications?

Build a Business Calculator

With CalcEngine, you can build a custom calculator unique to your business objects. Let users select objects or fields and then use CalcEngine to perform mathematical equations against them.

Out-of-the-Box Expression Parser

Save development time, not only evaluating the expressions, but writing your own expression parser. CalcEngine supports parsing text expressions that follow the Microsoft Excel format.

Deliver More of an Excel Experience

While FlexGrid delivers the datagrid experience from Microsoft Excel, the CalcEngine provides the formula bar functionality for any custom desktop application. Create editable expressions for any UI—not just a datagrid.

Formulas Support an Extensive, Built-in Function Library

  • Functions include aggregate, date and time, logical, math and trigonometry, and text
  • Supports custom functions
  • Supports globalization

Cross-sheet References and Computation

Parse and compute algebraic expressions, mathematical functions, and formulas using variables across multiple spreadsheets or controls.

Compute Expressions From Grids and Spreadsheet Controls

  • Bind CalcEngine to business objects, collection views, dynamic types, Entity Framework, and DataTables
  • Load Excel data into an arbitrary datagrid control, such as FlexGrid, and show computed values in cells