Three DateTime Editor Controls

The WPF DateTime Editors include three specialized components for editing date and time values.

  • C1DateTimePicker - edits date and time as a single value
  • C1DatePicker - edits date values only
  • C1TimeEditor - edits time values only

Month, Year, and Decade Calendars

End-users can quickly pick dates with built-in support for a month, year, and decade views. The C1DatePicker control allows the user to switch among month, year, and decade views to quickly jump to any date in history.

Edit Time in WPF

While you can't turn back time, you certainly can edit time using the C1TimeEditor control. This component is also part of the C1DateTimePicker control, but it is useful if you only need more time or editing functionality. It supports spin (up/down) buttons so you can customize it to select the time in 15 or 30-minute intervals - perfect for scheduling those pesky meetings.

Validate DateTime Input with Masking

The WPF DateTime Editors supports custom date formats and masked input. The edit mask prevents end-users from entering invalid characters into the field, and thus keeps your data models cleaner. You can even display a watermark in the controls.

Custom Formats and Null Values

The WPF DateTime Editors use standard .NET date and time format strings, such as Short and Long format. You can provide a custom format string. The controls even support Null values.

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