Select from 20+ Professionally-designed Palettes

The WPF ColorPicker contains more than 20 predefined color palettes that match the themes used in Microsoft Office. The colors in each palette complement each other, and they can be used to create applications with a polished, professional appearance.

WPF ColorPicker Palettes
WPF Custom Colors

Create Custom Colors Using the Built-in Editor

ColorPicker includes a color editor on the Advanced tab. This WPF color editor enables end-users to create colors that are not on the current palette using the RGB or HSL color models with support for transparency. The end-user may also set the hexadecimal digits.

RGB, HSL and Hexadecimal Colors with Transparency

Edit colors by modifying their individual RGB (red, green, blue) or HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) values. The WPF ColorPicker also supports hexadecimal colors, including the alpha channel. The alpha channel enables transparency to be represented in color.

WPF Color Picker
WPF Color Picker Customization

Additional Components for WPF Color Picker Customization

The C1ColorPicker control is built using several smaller components that you can use separately to create a custom color picker.

  • The C1SpectrumColorPicker displays the full-color spectrum from which the user may drag and select.
  • The C1HexColorBox provides data validation for hexadecimal color codes.
  • The C1CheckeredBorder provides a background panel for visualizing semi-transparent colors.

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