• Generate Data Bound Documents

    With C1PrintDocument, users can bind documents to a database via a powerful and flexible data binding model.

  • Generate Unbound Reports

    Generate the WPF PrintDocument completely in code to deliver unbound reports and export documents to any part of your application.

  • Save and Share Documents With Ease

    Multiple export format options make saving and sharing documents easy. Export your documents to PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, and images.

Rich Formatting Options

Control the look of your document with support for text with multiple fonts, text and background colors, text positioning (like subscript and superscript), inline images, various text alignments, and more.

  • Multiple Page Layouts
  • Document Reflow
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Insert Tables
  • GDI+ Text Rendering

Rich Formatting Options
Preview, Export, and Share Small Files

Preview, Export, and Share Small Files

The WPF PrintDocument library includes a document preview control, C1DocumentViewer, that lets you quickly add C1PrintDocument viewing capabilities to your application. In addition, the document viewer allows you to export to a number of external formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, HTML, image formats, and a C1DX file format, which results in a compressed, small-sized file.

Create Interactive Documents With TOC

Our WPF PrintDocument can include interactive forms for the end-user to fill out–featuring a full set of common controls like text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. Make any document element a hyperlink or a hyperlink jump target. You can also indicate whether an element should be included in an automatically-generated table of contents (TOC).

Create Interactive Documents With TOC