MediaPlayer: Audio and Video Controls for WPF

  • Run video or audio files in WPF apps
  • ComponentOne MediaPlayer™ for WPF runs video or audio and supports the same media formats as WPF
  • Implement advanced capabilities like playlists, full-screen mode, and overlay support with ease
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Create Playlists

Create your own playlists in XAML or in code. The user can select media files from a playlist or choose to watch them all in order. Display thumbnails and a duration for each media file in a playlist.

Create Chapter Lists

Create chapter lists for each media file in your playlists. With chapter lists, users can select and then jump to a certain section of a media file.

Unobtrusive Button Bar

When the user's cursor becomes idle, the MediaPlayer buttons fade away, revealing only the video frame.

Full Screen Mode

MediaPlayer for WPF features a full screen button in the bottom right corner, enabling users to view video files at full screen.

Overlay Support

With MediaPlayer for WPF, you can add overlays to display logos, banner ads, and more.

Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

Because MediaPlayer for WPF supports ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology, you can change control brushes without having to override templates. By simply setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio, you can quickly style the entire MediaPlayer toolbar.