RadialMenu for WPF

  • Go modern with a radial menu system in WPF
  • Inspired by modern touch-first interfaces, the RadialMenu control gives you a unique and touch-friendly alternative to the traditional context menu
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Improve User Experience and Exploration

When opened or closed, the RadialMenu control spins out smoothly like a pinwheel. This fluid animation adds to the user experience, and the radial menu system improves the user’s exploration of all your app’s functions. Even when collapsed, the user is aware of the menu, so your commands aren't as hard to discover as they are with regular context menus.

Specialized Numeric and Color Menus

The RadialMenu control has special support for editing colors and numbers. Menu items can be displayed as solid colors, providing the user with a full wheel of color options. For numeric editing, the control supports a radial dial that is quick and easy to use on a touch device.

Automatic Selection for Frequent Items

You can specify which submenu item is selected, or you can allow the control to automatically select items based on the user's previous actions. So if a user frequently selects a menu item that is not the default, they will be able to select it again faster on future attempts without having to navigate down through the menu every time.