• Simplify Development

    With the Angular Viewer for ActiveReportsJS, utilize Angular templates to simplify your development. Build Angular apps with TypeScript and HTML based markup for Angular Components.

  • Export JavaScript Reports

    Export your JavaScript reports to popular documents in pixel-perfect format. You can export reports to HTML, Excel or PDF.

  • Client-Side Exporting and Printing

    Quickly generate WYSIWYG reports and export them to PDF, HTML, or Excel on the client-side. Allow your end-users to print pixel-perfect reports.

  • Generate Reports on the Client

    ActiveReportsJS viewer is a client-side reporting tool for viewing reports. You can view reports in any modern browser with no server required.

  • Reporting for Every Device

    JavaScript can be used to develop applications for any platform including desktop and mobile. Create familiar reporting experiences for various devices and screen sizes.

  • Multiple Report Types

    Choose from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports creating a full-featured report library.

JavaScript Reporting Top Features

Angular Cross-Platform Tools

Cross-Platform Tools

Build interactive and customizable reports with a multi-platform standalone designer application.

Powerful Angular Data Binding

Powerful Data Binding

Bind a report to the REST API, OData, or GraphQL end-point in no time with the advanced data binding capabilities.

Flexible Angular Report Layouts

Flexible Report Layouts

Choose among two layout types and dozens of controls to create a pixel-perfect report.

Personalized Angular Reporting

Personalized Reporting

Make use of the Report Designer component to let users fine-tune reports.

Angular Perfect View Reporting

Perfect View

Give end-users of your application the ultimate view, export, and print capabilities with the Viewer component.

Front-End Frameworks Support

Front-End Frameworks Support

In addition to Angular, easily integrate ActiveReportsJS into your React and Due applications.

ActiveReportsJS for Angular

ActiveReportsJS Viewer Component

Use TypeScript and other Angular tools and features with the ActiveReportsJS Viewer. The Viewer Component is available as an Angular component - embed the Viewer into an Angular application without working around the framework.

Angular Install from NPM

Install From NPM

npm install /@grapecity/activereports-angular

The npm package is a part of the ActiveReportsJS product and provides an Angular wrapper for the ARJS viewer component.

Use Angular Templates

Use Angular Templates

Angular Markup and HTML define component templates. Templates in Angular provide features like template bindings and interpolation. The ActiveReportsJS Viewer for Angular allows you to take advantage of these features when integrating the Viewer component into your applications.

Stand-Alone Designer Application

Build interactive, customizable reports with a multi-platform standalone designer application.

ActiveReportsJS Designer

Install on any OS

The designer can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux Operating Systems, enabling developers to design reports on any platform.

Angular Reporting

Create complex reports using the intuitive drag-and-drop GUI. Visualize your data with report controls like tables and charts.

Convert to Angular Reports

Open traditional RDLX reports in the designer and save them as RDLX-JSON.

Embeddable Angular Report Viewer

Give end-users of your application the ultimate view, export, and print capabilities with the Viewer component.

Embeddable Angular Report Viewer

Adaptive UI

Built-in mobile, desktop, and full-screen modes ensure a smooth user experience on any screen size.

Rich Customization

Insert new or modify existing buttons in the toolbar and configure the export sidebar using the API. Use one of the pre-defined color themes or create custom ones.

Multilingual Support

Provide your users with the translated texts for the viewer UI elements such as tooltips and buttons.

Embeddable Angular Report Designer

Make use of the Report Designer component to let users fine-tune reports.

Embeddable Angular Report Designer
What's New in ActiveReportsJS v2.0

What's New in ActiveReportsJS v2.0

ActiveReportsJS Designer Component

ActiveReportsJS Report Designer component can be integrated into an application so that end-users could modify reports at runtime according to their needs.

The report designer component allows integration into any front-end framework or architecture. Here are tutorials for the most popular frameworks.

JSON Data Provider Enhancement

Offers a powerful data binding capability at design-time that allows you to connect to a wide variety of data end-points includes, but not limited to: OData API, GraphQL API, and REST API

What's New

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