True DBGrid Pro 8.0 Migration Utility

Projects that use versions of True DBGrid other than True DBGrid Pro 8.0 can easily be converted to use the latter by running the add-in migration utility. When migrating a project from TdbGrid x.0 to TdbGrid8, you should have both versions of TdbGrid installed and registerd in Windows/32. However, this utility is no longer installed with the ActiveX installers. Given below are the following steps which will help you install the utility and use it.

Migration Utility Installation

Manually installing the Add-In in VB 6.0 Add In Manager 1. Place the file tdbg8mu.dll in /Windows/System32. 2. Open the Command prompt. If UAC is enabled then run the command prompt with administrative rights. 3. Type the following command :

C:\\>cd Windows\\System32

4. Type the following command to register the dll :

C:\\Windows\\System32>regsvr32 tdbg8mu.dll

5. Open the "vbaddin.ini" file in /Windows directory. 6. Add the following line of code at the end of the file and save the file: TDBG8MU.Connect=3 Note : Kindly make sure that VB is closed during all these operations. Now restart your system and you'll see the migration utility installed in the VB 6.0 Add-In Manager.

Using the Migration Utility

After the installation, you need to place the Migration Utility Add-In in the VB 6.0 toolbar. In order to make this happen you will need to run the Visual Basic and select Add-In Manager from the Add-Ins menu and then the Add-In Manager dialog will appear. · If you are using Visual Basic 6.0, select the list items labeled True DBGrid Pro 8.0 Migration Utility and check the Loaded/Unloaded box. · If you are using Visual Basic 5.0, check the box labeled True DBGrid Pro 8.0 Migration Utility. Click the OK button to place the migration utility icon on the toolbar. After adding True DBGrid Pro 8.0 Migration Utility to the list of available add-ins, follow these steps to convert your projects : · Make backup copies of any projects that you plan to convert. · Open a project that contains one of the controls listed in the 'From' column in the migration chart. · Click the migration utility icon on the toolbar. · Choose the type of migration that applies to your project (for example, from DBGrid 1.0 to True DBGrid Pro 8.0, or from True DBGrid Pro 7.0 to True DBGrid Pro 8.0 OLE DB), then click OK. If the conversion is successful a message box will appear with a notification stating, "The current project was converted successfully." Beware that to avoid conflict, the migration utility removes the 'From' control from the Visual Basic Toolbox. Please note that the migration utility may also need to modify your source code. Whenever a source code is modified, the original code will be commented out and the modification will be tagged with the following comment: *** ComponentOne Migration Utility Code Change *** TDBGrid 8.0 Migration Utility


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