Build Better Applications With Faster, More Flexible Vue UI Components

With Wijmo, spend more time on your application's core functionality by taking advantage of our dynamic Vue UI component library. Our library was built-in TypeScript, requires zero dependencies, and supports the latest framework versions. Wijmo includes the best Vue data grid in the industry and offers 80+ different chart types, an extensive list of features, and easily extendable controls. Check out what's new with Wijmo and experience the most comprehensive Vue UI component library on the market.

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Vue UI Components are essential, interactive design elements used in web applications to make them more user-friendly. They include data grids, charts, gauges, and other widgets that are designed to drive user interaction.

Why Choose Wijmo for Your Vue App?

First-Class Vue Framework Support

Wijmo Vue UI includes full support for Vue.js and Vue 3. Wijmo is framework-agnostic, so you can develop in the framework of your choice without sacrificing features and support. 

Controls that Feel Familiar

FlexGrid, FlexChart, and FlexSheet controls are designed to deliver a familiar, Excel-like experience, allowing users to hit the ground running when interacting with Vue UI controls.

Extensive Documentation, Demos, and API

Experience Wijmo's low learning curve with extensive resources. Samples are available in major frameworks and can be modified with the online playground or download locally.

Designed with Touch in Mind

The Touch module extends touch functionality across application controls. When building a website or PWA, create a smooth and enjoyable experience for tablets and mobile users.

Upholding Accessibility Standards

Ensuring our component accessibility is essential. All of Wijmo's Vue components adhere to ARIA standards–enabling anyone to interact with our controls.

Expert Help

Our Wijmo Experts and support staff are here to help. Whether it's installing the Wijmo Vue UI library or implementing an entirely new feature, the Wijmo team is here for you.

Explore Wijmo's Vue UI Components

Wijmo's grids, charts, inputs, and gauges are feature-rich, extensible, and fast.

  • Lightweight: The Vue interop module is less than 7K in size. Our most famous component, FlexGrid, has a base size of 113 KB
  • Zero dependencies: Our Vue UI components do not have any external dependencies
  • Easy-to-read, flexible API: Experience a low learning curve with the API
  • Extensible: Vue UI components feature simple cores with as many extensibility points as possible
  • Familiar: Datagrids and charts are designed with an Excel-like experience
  • Support: Our team offers top-rated support and resources for Vue 2 and Vue 3 components

FlexGrid, the Best Vue UI Datagrid

Get the industry's most flexible, lightweight datagrid with all the benefits of Vue.

FlexChart, a Fast, Flexible Vue UI Chart Component

This lightweight Vue UI chart component includes all the key features and Excel-like chart types you need.

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Wijmo, Vue, and TypeScript

Vue UI Reactive Components Written in TypeScript

  • Seamless transitioning from Wijmo components to Vue
  • IntelliSense supported in TypeScript
  • Design-time error checking
  • Enjoy the benefits of ES6, including true object-orientation with our CollectionView class–featuring the same object model as its XAML counterpart

Wijmo's Customer Feedback & Awards

"Good value for money and high quality components"


"Great tools, not cheap, but worth the money for us."


"I've been using Wijmo controls for about a year and a half. Fantastic product. Fantastic support!"


2021 #2 Publisher Award 2021 #3 Top Product Award

"I don’t give kudos lightly, and without merit, but the Wijmo team has been awesome to work with. Just amazingly responsive! I am so glad I recommended Wijmo to my partners."


"With Wijmo's extensibility model, the Microsoft Dynamics team was able to quickly customize and incorporate Wijmo 5 components into our new release."


"We rely on functionality of Wijmo Core's FlexGrid in our massive next-generation platform products. Wijmo's modern, full-featured FlexGrid with sophisticated grid manipulations is what you will find at the heart of our workflow."