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Wijmo's grids, charts, inputs, and gauges are feature-rich, extensible, and fast.

  • Lightweight: The React interop module is less that 7K in size, and our most popular control, FlexGrid, has a base size of 113 KB
  • No dependencies: Our true JavaScript controls are written in TypeScript, and you can use TSX in React
  • Easy-to-read, flexible API: Experience a low learning curve with the API
  • Extensible: Controls have simple cores with as many extensibility points as possible
  • Familiar: Grids and charts are designed for an Excel-like experience
  • Best support: Our team offers the best support and resources you'll find for React controls.

HTML Markup

FlexGrid React demo and markup - click images to enlarge.

FlexChart - a Fast, Flexible React Chart Control

This lightweight React chart control includes all the key features and Excel-like chart types you need.
Get Started With FlexChart
HTML Markup

FlexChart React demo and markup - click images to enlarge.

Touch-first Gauge Controls

Our React gauge control has built-in touch features and animation
Get Started With Gauges
HTML Markup

Gauge controls React demo and markup - click images to enlarge.

Mobile-first Input Controls

Our React input control allows you to create hybrid apps with rich forms
Get Started With Input
HTML Markup

Input controls React demo and markup - click images to enlarge.

Wijmo, React, and TypeScript

True JavaScript Controls Written in TypeScript
  • You’ll get a seamless transition from Wijmo controls to React
  • IntelliSense is supported in TypeScript
  • You’ll get design-time error checking
  • You can enjoy the benefits of ES6 today, like true object-orientation with our CollectionView class, which has the same object model as its XAML counterpart
  • Wijmo includes framework-agnostic true JavaScript controls, you can easily migrate between frameworks, without a need for a new control

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Wijmo’s Deep Integration with React

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GrapeCity - #2 Publisher - 2018 ComponentSource

ComponentOne Ultimate - Top 25 Product - 2018 ComponentSource

Wijmo Core - Top 50 Product - 2018 ComponentSource

Wijmo Enterprise - Top 100 Product - 2018 ComponentSource

Wijmo Enterprise - Bronze, Web Design & Development Tools and Frameworks
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