Wijmo's Web Components

Wijmo's lightweight, dependency-free UI controls now include an interop for web components! This flexible web technology enables you to declare all of Wijmo's components in markup.

  • Get declarative, maintainable HTML markup
  • Use Wijmo Web Components in Angular
  • Supports the Angular, React, and Vue frameworks
  • Reuse the same components and behavior
    libraries in different frameworks

Why Choose Wijmo for Your Web Components?

Custom Elements With Web Components

Create reusable markup, shrink the size of your web apps, and use our declarative API. Wijmo web components have never been more flexible. 

Flexible, Extensive API

Wijmo's easy-to-read, flexible API has a low learning curve, and the web components have a simple core with as many extensibility points as possible.

First-Class Framework Support

Built framework-agnostic, written in TypeScript, includes full support and offers the same components for AngularAngularJSReactJS, VueJS, and Knockout.

Standards of Web Components

The Web Components specification is a collection of browser APIs that can be grouped into four major categories.

Custom Elements

These JavaScript APIs are provided by the browser and let you hook up code (typically a JavaScript class) with custom declarative elements in markup. Designed to provide more power, flexibility, and development convenience.

Read more Custom Elements

Shadow DOM

Create a Shadow DOM instance for each custom element, allowing scope styles and DOM nodes on a per-element basis. This step is crucial to encapsulating elements, as it prevents both style and DOM reference collisions.

Read more Shadow DOM

HTML Templates

Specialized DOM elements allow you to create reusable base markup for a custom element with overridable pieces. (Note that these elements aren't rendered so that you can define them anywhere in your document.)

Read more HTML Templates

HTML Imports

A way to encapsulate and reuse the base markup for custom elements. This is the most contended piece of the Web Components spec, so be sure to check browser support before using it.

Read more HTML Imports

Web Component Demos

Browse, search, view source code and run all of our samples using the Wijmo Sample Explorer.


Introduction to Web Components

A full walkthrough to implement Wijmo Web Components in a new web application from set-up to creating components programmatically. 

Web Components in Angular

A key benefit for web components is using the same component in numerous frameworks. Here we review how to utilize Angular applications.   

Explore All Web Components

Get started with our interactive sample that demonstrates all supported Wijmo Web Components.

Read About Wijmo and Web Components

Using Web Components in Angular

Web Components provides a solution and makes possible a way to define custom HTML components that can be used in Angular.

Using Web Components With React

Learn how to use Web Components with React that allow you to declaratively define a user interface that automatically stays up to date.

Making Web Components Accessible

Read how we are making our components more accessible, focusing on accessibility aspects that are directly related to component development.

Wijmo's Customer Feedback and Awards

"Good value for money and high quality components"


"Great tools, not cheap, but worth the money for us."


"I've been using Wijmo controls for about a year and a half. Fantastic product. Fantastic support!"


2021 #2 Publisher Award 2021 #3 Top Product Award

"I don’t give kudos lightly, and without merit, but the Wijmo team has been awesome to work with. Just amazingly responsive! I am so glad I recommended Wijmo to my partners."


"With Wijmo's extensibility model, the Microsoft Dynamics team was able to quickly customize and incorporate Wijmo 5 components into our new release."


"We rely on functionality of Wijmo Core's FlexGrid in our massive next-generation platform products. Wijmo's modern, full-featured FlexGrid with sophisticated grid manipulations is what you will find at the heart of our workflow."


Easy Licensing and Distribution

Add distribution keys to your applications through your GrapeCity account.

Licensing FAQs

Wijmo is licensed per developer. Once you purchase a copy, generate a distribution key and deploy your app. With every developer license, you'll receive perpetual distribution licenses

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Become an OEM Partner

To create your own commercially-licensed SDK, or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized for each customer.

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End-User Licensing Agreement

Our End-User License Agreement (EULA) includes in-depth information on Wijmo's licensing, legal agreement, and the terms and conditions that govern software usage. 

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