Wijmo Input Components

Wijmo's input components are designed to make data entry easy and efficient, using mouse or touch. Specialized and optimized for each data type, Wijmo's variety of input components answer every application need.


The ComboBox component is one of the most powerful and flexible in Wijmo's input module. It can be used to edit strings and to select items from lists. It is used as a base class for several other components including AutoComplete, MultiSelect, InputTime, and Menu.

ComboBox also includes grouping for extra-long hierarchical lists.

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The InputColor component is a drop-down that allows you to type a color using the HTML color specification or select one from a ColorPicker dropdown.

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The ColorPicker component is a panel that allows users to pick colors. It is used as a drop-down by the InputColor component.

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The InputNumber component allows users to enter and edit numbers. It has the following advantages over regular input elements:

  1. Users cannot enter non-numeric values at all.
  2. You can use the format property to format the number as it is edited, making it easy to read.
  3. You can use the min and max properties to specify the valid range of values (users will not be able to enter values outside this range).
  4. You can use the step property to specify an increment that is added to the value when the user clicks the increment/decrement buttons on the component.

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The InputMask component allows you to validate and format user input as it is entered, preventing invalid data.

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Display a list of items that contain plain text or HTML, and allow users to select items with the mouse or keyboard. ListBox supports multiple selection and item templates, as well as string arrays or arrays of objects for the itemsSource.

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Multi-Item Input Components

Wijmo has several components you can use to select multiple items from a list:

  • MultiSelect: This is a drop-down component that extends ComboBox and adds checkboxes next to each item in the drop-down list. Currently checked items are exposed through the checkedItems property.
  • MultiAutoComplete: This is a drop-down component that extends AutoComplete so selected items are shown as 'tokens' next to the component header, where they can be removed with the mouse or keyboard. Currently selected items are exposed through the selectedItems property.
  • ListBox: The ListBox component has a checkedMemberPath property that allows you to add checkboxes to items on the list. It has a checkedItems property that gets or sets the list of checked items.

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