80+ Fast JavaScript Chart Components for Enterprise Apps

  • Includes the first-class Angular, React, and Vue.js support
  • Dozens of chart elements and options
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A JavaScript chart component is a high-performance control to visualize data in web applications. FlexChart is a JavaScript chart component with a rich UI gallery of 80+ charts and graphs, ranging from line to financial, catering to all charting scenarios.

Why Choose Wijmo for Your Chart Component?

80+ JavaScript FlexChart Types

Line charts to radar and polar charts, we strive for full parity with Excel. Chart interactions, analytics, annotations, and more are all built-in.

Fast, High-Performing, and Lightweight

Engineered for top performance, FlexChart won't slow down your business apps-and at less than 200 KB; it will never bloat your applications.

JavaScript FlexChart Written in TypeScript

With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, and complete IntelliSense in Visual Studio.

First-Class Framework Support

Framework-agnostic and includes full support for Angular, ReactJS, VueJS, with the same chart component across frameworks.

Flexible and Extensible API

An extensive feature set won’t bloat the core component; it includes data binding, pixel-perfect SVG rendering & image exports.

Content Security Compliant

Wijmo is Content Security Policy (CSP) compliant, working seamlessly in JavaScript applications without compromising security.

JavaScript Bars and Columns Charts

Bar Charts

Implement multiple data seriesanimationselection, and tooltips on hover within a basic horizontal bar chart.

More details on Bar Charts

Bar Stacked Charts

Stack data points in a JavaScript bar chart. Plots data points on top of each other using horizontal bars. 

More details on Stacked Bar Charts

Bar Stacked 100 Charts

Compare percentages each value contributes to the total. The cumulative proportion of each stacked column always totals one hundred. 

More details on Bar Stacked 100 Charts

Column Charts

Similar to a bar chart, with a primarily vertical orientation. JavaScript column charts compare values across categories by using vertical bars.

More details on Column Charts

Column Stacked Charts

Stack and plot data points in a column chart using vertical bars. To stack the chart values, set the FlexChart stacking property.

More details on Column Stacked Charts

Column Stacked 100 Charts

The cumulative proportion of each stacked column always totals one hundred. Compare percentages each value contributes to the total. 

More details on Column Stacked 100 Charts

JavaScript Line and Area Charts

Line Charts

Display changes in data over short and long periods of time with a basic JavaScript line chart and works well with large amounts of data.

More details on Line Charts

Line Stacked Charts

Stack series in a line chart. A stacked line chart is a line chart in which lines do not overlap because they are cumulative at each point.

More details on Line Stacked Charts

StepLine Charts

StepLine Charts help visualize changes at a specific point. Data points are connected through vertical and horizontal lines.

More details on StepLine Charts

Spline Charts

Spline charts connect the data points with smooth lines and use numeric, category, datetime, or logarithmic axis to plot data.

More details on Spline Charts

Area Charts

Represent time-dependent data to reflect trends at equal intervals, but it fills the area below the line to demonstrate trends in similar categories.

More details on Area Charts

Range Area Charts

Fill in the area below the line to demonstrate trends in similar categories. Shows variations in the data values for a given time.

More details on Range Area Charts

JavaScript Scatter Charts

Scatter Charts

Demonstrate correlation between data points and a set of numerical data along the x-axis and the y-axis. The Scatter Chart combines values into single data points and displays uneven intervals or clusters.

More details on Scatter Charts

Bubble Charts

Create rich, visually appealing data modeling and financial charts with bubble charts. This JavaScript Flexchart type allows you to display your data series as a set of differently-sized symbols in the chart space.

More details on Bubble Charts

JavaScript Financial Charts

Candlestick Chart

Visualize financial data in the Candlestick Chart. The vertical bar spans the High and Low values for the day.

More details on Candlestick Charts

HLOC Charts

Also known as high low open close, HLOC illustrates movements in the price of a financial instrument over time.

More details on HLOC Charts

JavaScript Pie and Sunburst Charts

Pie Chart

JavaScript pie charts show how parts of a whole add up to 100%. Features include exploding slices, pie slice selection, and pie rotation.

More details on Basic Pie Chart

Doughnut Charts

Set the inner radius property of the JavaScript pie chart to turn it into a doughnut. Includes all of the pie chart customizations

More details on Donut Charts

Sunburst Charts

Visualize hierarchical data from a root node (center) outward to lower hierarchies. A segment of the inner circle is a parent to the segments of the outer circle that lie within the parent's angular sweep.

More details on Sunburst Charts

Multiple Pie Charts

Use FlexPie to visualize more data in a single chart by creating multiple pie chart "series" using the same data source. An effective way of presenting data, especially if the intent is to show one section relative to the whole.

More details on Multiple Pie Charts

Radar and Polar Charts

Radar Line Charts

Display multivariate observations with an arbitrary number of variables. JavaScript radar chart visualizes data in terms of values and angles.

More details on Radar Charts

Radar Filled Charts

Visualize data in terms of values and angles with the Fill in the areas between lines of a primary radar chart, The FlexRadar control fills the chart section, set the chart type property to area.

More details on Radar Filled Chart

Polar Charts

Create circular graphs to display multivariate observations with an arbitrary number of variables. Visually compare several quantitative or qualitative aspects of a situation.

More details on Polar Charts

Specialized Data Charts

BreakEven Chart

A break-even chart shows the sales volume level at which total costs equal sales. The chart plots revenue, fixed costs, and variable costs on the vertical axis, and volume on the horizontal axis.

More details on Break-Even

Grouped TreeMap Charts

Display hierarchical information combined with relative quantity. Highlight hierarchical, tree-structured data as a set of nested rectangles and help to analyze the anomalies in the data set.

Grouped TreeMap Charts details

ErrorBar Charts

Graphically represents the variability of data to indicate the uncertainty in a measurement. The “error” isn't a mistake, but a range of data that represents a built-in uncertainty.

More details on Error Bar Charts

Funnel Charts

Visualize stages of the process in a funnel shape, such as for sales. Plots streamlined data to show various stages in a process. Adjust the funnel's height, width, and style using the options property.

More details on Funnel Charts

Waterfall Charts

Show change in the starting position of the chart through a series of changes. A waterfall chart is a form of data visualization that helps understand the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values.

More details on Waterfall Charts

Funnel Rectangle Charts

Square the edges in a funnel for a different look that plots streamlined data to show various stages in a process. Use a funnel chart to show the number of sales prospects for each stage in the sales funnel.

Funnel Rectangle Charts details

Box-and-Whisker Charts

Visualize a group of numerical data through their quartiles (box plot). Box plots may also have lines extending vertically from the boxes (whiskers), indicating variability outside the upper and lower quartiles.

More details on Box+Whisker

Gantt Charts

Manage a project with a Gantt chart and never miss a step. Includes dependencies and percent complete, start and end dates for each task, and information such as completion states and task dependencies.

More details on Gantt Charts

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