What's Inside

JavaScript HTML5 UI Controls

  • Full support for Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue 2, and Vue 3
  • 100+ dynamic JavaScript UI components for enterprise apps
  • The industry's best JavaScript datagrid, FlexGrid
  • 50+ chart types and elements in FlexChart
  • Dozens of responsive input, scheduling, and navigation controls
  • Touch-first linear and radial gauges
  • TreeView with built-in customizations
  • Built-in globalization and accessibility
  • OLAP, for high-performance big data web apps
  • FinancialChart, with nine advanced charts to help you create custom dashboards
  • FlexSheet, a lightweight Excel-like spreadsheet
  • MultiRow Data Grid, with wrapped columns for wide grids
  • Samples library with 450+ per framework
  • Access to our Wijmo experts, product, technical and customer engagement teams: let us help you solve your software problems!

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