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Release Notes for Version 13.2.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • Same date format is accepted for date formatted cells on subsequent edits.

  • Data labels are correctly imported in Clustered Column and XY (Scattered) charts.

  • JSZip library is upgraded to 3.3.0

  • Word-wrap of rich text is supported while importing ssjson file.

  • Formula is adjusted correctly when columnHeadersAsFrozenRows is set to true.

  • The Excel file can be imported and then renamed correctly.

  • If a table row is added and then undo event is performed, the deleteItems property returns deleted row's information.

  • Content is consistent when ssjson file is imported and exported to Excel when the column width is set to null.

  • The Median formula returns correct value if first cell in the range is cleared by using delete key.

  • Spread Web designer shows new icons for Menu bar.

  • Range of filter is updated correctly when copied column is inserted.

  • The tooltip appears correctly when hovered on cell containing long text.

  • Horizontal Axis labels are shown properly when imported to SJS.

  • If a column with filter is deleted, it can be exported to Excel.

  • Hyper Link Cell Type's auto fit height considers padding.

  • When an Excel file is imported, chart content is displayed completely.

  • Chart is rendered correctly after importin the Excel in SpreadJS.

  • The mouse click area of ​​hyperlink is the same as actual display content.

  • In Firefox, if more than one word in entered in cell editor, additional line break "\n" is not added.

  • TextBox is imported correctly from Excel.

  • For tables, while setting formula with relative references using setColumnDataFormula, the header rows are not considered while updating relative references.

  • Formula textbox synchronizes information in cells.

  • The table is imported correctly in SpreadJS.

  • Custom formatting for dates yields same dates without depending on how they are entered.

  • Percentage formatter cell behaves correctly when formulas are disabled.

  • Hyperlinks can be exported correctly from Excel to SpreadJS.

  • For korean language, the line break works properly when characters are being composing.

  • A form can be exported correctly.

  • SpreadJS SWITCH formula generates same calculation result as Excel.

  • Watermark can fill the entire print area width.

  • ToolTip is displayed correctly even when there are frozen columns.

  • Unexpected data verification does not happen after DataSource and table resize is set.

  • Hyperlink Styles are given priority.

  • Top of header editor is displayed on high dpi screen.

  • The filter menu works correctly when row filter is applied and filter button is clicked.

  • Context menu displays correctly on different screen resolutions.

  • TextBox size is correct in the exported Excel file.

  • The autoFitRow calculation is correct even when there is a filter box at the column header.

  • When SpreadJS is used in vue and router-view is set in keep-alive, spreadsheet is initialized only once.

  • There is no content error when row is inserted in table.

  • Table's dirty information can be cleared.

  • The result of ROUND formula in SpreadJS is same as Excel.

  • Cell format items can be set in SpreadJS designer on high dpi display.