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Release Notes for Version 12.0.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added to this version of the product.

  • Barcodes are now supported.

  • Rich text formatting is now supported in cells.

  • Radar, Sunburst, and Treemap chart types have been added.

  • Shapes are now supported.

  • Excel-like precision selection/deselection behavior is now supported.

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

  • Animation is now supported in Column, Bar, Line, and Pie charts.

  • Color transparency can now be set in different chart elements.

  • Border and background color of chart legends can now be customized.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • The DATEDIF formula now calculates accurate result. [261230]

  • On clicking the gray area in Spread, the formula text box now does not append random numbers. [261278]

  • Values are now displayed properly on loading Excel and then exporting to Excel. [261144]

  • Format now returns the JavaScript precisions correctly. [261088]

  • Fixed the issue where pressing backspace key on a floating object made active cell editable. [261277]

  • Fixed the issue where picture borders appear different on importing Excel from that in the Excel display. [261743]

  • Fixed the issue where clicking "Check all" or "Uncheck all" caused browser to loose response. [261784]

  • Fixed the issue where conditional formatting on border is not applied after exporting to Excel. [261622]

  • Combo chart from Excel can now be imported correctly into SpreadJS. [261559]

  • Excel with namespace defined in xml node can now be loaded successfully. [261560]

  • The SpreadJS and Excel displays are now same. [261429]

  • Fixed the issue where clicking on Spread.Sheet, after importing Excel, caused blank display. [262293]

  • The SpreadJS performance now remains unaffected even when Excel containing INDEX formula is opened in Spread. [259806]

  • The cell alingment remains intact on changing cell value and while exporting to Excel. [262085]

  • Fixed the issue where the formatter round logic is different with Excel in negative value. [262366]

  • The precision issue in percentage format has been resolved. [262237]

  • The value format is now correctly displayed after export to Excel. [262095]

  • The COUNTBLANK formula is now calculated accurately. [261841]

  • The evaluation performance of SUMIFS function is now improved. [262583]

  • The worksheet operation response is now fast. [262253]

  • The zoom issue where content became blurred has been fixed. [258595]

  • The RANK function now gives the correct result in SpreadJS. [262719]

  • The CountIF formula now works correctly on importing Excel. [263024]

  • The Excel value now does not change on loading Excel file in SpreadJS. [263441]

  • Fixed some Excel importing issues. [262888]

  • Fixed the issue where 'workbookInitialized' event could not get sheet object. [263870]

  • Fixed the issues that caused loss of data binding on dragging swap columns in sheet. [264236]

  • The Lookup formula now evaluates correctly. [264538]

  • The exported Excel files now follow the Open XML specification. [264328]

  • The difference in performance issue while applying style on cell between SpreadJS "11.0.6" and "11.2.4" has been resolved. [263663]

  • Fixed the issue where backColor is null after import. [263964]

  • Fixed the issue where designer gets crashed on adding a chart while column header is selected. [263997]

  • Full DataRange area is now highlighted correctly on selecting Bubble chart. [260624]

  • Now FIXED formula calculates the result correctly. [261840]

  • Conditional formatting 'Fill No Color' now works correctly after save operation is performed. [264253]

  • The styles are correctly merged and applied on cells in SpreadJS designer, in the same way as in Excel. [264259]

  • Fixed the issue where exception is thrown while opening Excel in SpreadJS. [264411]

  • The Date column in table data binding exports properly to Excel. [264501]

  • Fixed the issue where excel containing formula with string concatenation is not loaded properly in Spread. [264553]