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Release Notes for Version 3.20151.16

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

  • The default action for the Tab key has changed.

  • The default action for Shift + Tab has changed.

  • Additional event arguments have been added to the RangeChanged event.

  • The ButtonClicked event has an additional argument.

  • The setArrayFormula, getFormula, getFormulaInformation, and hasFormula methods have less arguments.

  • The setShowFilterButton and getShowFilterButton methods have been changed to the filterButtonVisible method.

  • The Array class has been changed to CalcArray in the $.wijmo.wijspread.Calc namespace.

  • The Error class has been changed to CalcError in the $.wijmo.wijspread.Calc namespace.

  • The ParserContext constructor has been changed.

  • A parameter has been added to the toJSON method in the Spread and Sheet classes.

  • The type field has been changed to typeName.

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • The exportFileType option has been added to the Excel Import and Export Service.

  • The INDIRECT formula function is now supported.

  • The AsyncFunction and AsyncEvaluateContext classes have been added.

  • Widget Features

    • Watermarks are now supported.

  • Cell Features

    • The filterButtonVisible method has been added.

    • The getTypeFromString method has been added.

    • Additional methods have been added to the RowFilterBase class.

    • Additional actions have been added to the SpreadActions class.

    • The hideSelection and focus methods have been added to the Spread class.

  • New Methods

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • The designer now works correctly. [111509]

  • Filling a series with drag fill now works correctly after resetting Spread. [111254]

  • Formulas now work correctly with cross-sheet references. [110778]

  • The addRows method now works correctly when calculations have been suspended. [110265]

  • Scrolling now works correctly with frozen rows. [110263]

  • The formula box now works correctly with the SUM and OFFSET formulas. [109187]

  • The VARISPARKLINE formula now works correctly. [107901]

  • Serializing to a JSON object now works correctly when Spread is bound to a server side object. [107388]

  • The sheet order is now correct when saving to a JSON object. [106887]

  • The autoSize method now works correctly with cell comments. [106483]

  • The RangeChanged event now shows the correct argument values. [106163]

  • The autoFitRow Method now works correctly. [106142]

  • The SUBTOTAL formula now updates correctly when filtering a cell range. [101523]

  • Array formulas now work correctly. [94121]

  • The file name is now exported correctly. [93020]

  • The cell vertical alignment now works correctly. [91731]