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Release Notes for Version 15.1.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features and enhancements have been incorporated in this version of the product.

Resolved Issues

  • Pivot table field forecolors are imported correctly by SpreadJS.

  • SpreadJS retains the content area in mobile view.

  • The trendline equation of the XY scatter chart now shows the correct font color imported by SpreadJS.

  • The value of cells is retained when using the moveTo method.

  • The filter box shows values correctly when inserting copied cells in a filter range.

  • Hyperlink handles arrays correctly when importing Excel files.

  • The custom name reference is unaffected when inserting a column in a table.

  • SpreadJS Designer Component with React has resolved the issue where setting content security policy throws an error.

  • The COUNTIF formula function gives the correct result when used with a custom culture.

  • Comment class methods are implemented correctly when set while loading the SpreadJS object from JSON data.

  • All the rows are retained when doing a re-filter after using the fromJSON method.

  • The validator in the tablesheet works correctly when a new row is added.

  • SpreadJS has been updated to have the same logic as in Excel when entering positive and negative percentage values.

  • The changeFormulaReference command works correctly when the cursor is present at the beginning.

  • The table header is displayed correctly in the column header with a frozen row upon scrolling.

  • The SpreadJS Designer toolbar mode has been updated to adjust according to the container width.

  • The performance of the Spread print preview has been improved.

  • The ROWS formula works correctly after the row count has been changed.

  • The chart style and data label value are retained when importing Excel files.

  • The print preview displays the header area correctly when the header text is modified.

  • Improved performance of Excel files consisting of many hidden cells in a sheet.

  • Data binding is retained when SSJON export is performed.

  • The word-wrap option in Format Cell Dialog has been updated to perform automatic line-height adjustments.

  • The FILTER formula works correctly in imported Excel files.

  • SpreadJS has been updated to perform table filter correctly when importing Excel files.

  • Fixed an issue where the formulas are not calculated without enabling the doNotRecalculateAfterLoad property.

  • Copy-pasting contents from one table to another sheet retains the table style.

  • The IHitTestCellTypeHitInfo interface now includes a sheet attribute.

  • Fixed an issue where Excel files are not imported due to rich text font appearance in Windows operating system.

  • The tablesheet has been updated to retain references when the tablesheet data is cleared.

  • The IFERROR formula function evaluates expressions correctly when the result is null.

  • The IconSetRule conditional format is set correctly when selecting no cell icons.

  • Pivot tables can be added now upon resetting the sheet.

  • The cell style is retained when changing the watermark color.

  • SpreadJS has been updated to export PDF files correctly when working with fitPagesWide and fitPagesTall methods.

  • SpreadJS has been updated to correctly remove a comment triggered by an event.

  • The sorting result of the pivot table has been fixed to have the same logic as in Excel.

  • The tablesheet now returns an error when formula references consist of removed columns.

  • If the region field is not set in the binding source, then the corresponding cell content will be null.

  • Table binding is updated correctly when removing a column.

  • Column naming of new and existing columns in a data-bound table has been enhanced.

  • SpreadJS has been enhanced to address an Angular V13 compiler bug.

  • The formula text box in SpreadJS Designer works correctly when invoking the unbindAll command.

  • SpreadJS imports Excel files with pivot table correctly.

  • Customized paper kinds can now be added to the print preview page and dialog.

  • The date validator is now consistent in both Chrome and Safari browsers.

  • The imported workbook’s formatter list in the setting dialog refers to the data format correctly.

  • Group outlines expand and collapse properly now.

  • Fixed an issue where inserting a calculated field adds duplicate text.

  • SpreadJS performance has been enhanced when loading Excel files with a lot of formulas.

  • SpreadJS Designer updates the name in the font dialog box correctly when selecting a newly added font.

  • The source name and caption name of all the slicers attached to the table are retained when renaming the column of a table.