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Release Notes for Version 14.2.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features and enhancements have been incorporated in this version of the product.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • When the chart is serialized, it changes along with the data.

  • Double borders in cells apply correctly after importing JSON.

  • Floating objects are visible when moved around.

  • Merged cells are retained when pasting a picture on the worksheet.

  • While opening an exported file in Excel, no pivot table issues are prompted.

  • Line breaks work correctly in chart labels like the Y-axis and legend area.

  • VLOOKUP formula gives the correct result.

  • The background color of a chart title is retained when copying a chart using fromJSON or toJSON.

  • The performance of CalcEngine is improved when importing large Excel files.

  • The XLOOKUP formula shows the correct result when returning an array.

  • Conditional formatting works correctly when inserting rows in a table.

  • The formula reference range is updated correctly when inserting rows in the formula range.

  • Formula referenced by a camera shape is displayed correctly in the worksheet area.

  • Formula calculation results in SpreadJS are consistent with Excel.

  • Drag fill is implemented correctly with a locked cell within the drag fill range.

  • The pivot background color is applied correctly.

  • The applicable cell range of conditional format is retained when extending table rows.

  • The performance of CalcEngine is improved to display correct formula results.

  • The contents of merged cells are displayed correctly when scrolling horizontally.

  • Formula references are displayed correctly in a camera shape.

  • Shape size is retained when grouped columns or rows are opened and closed.

  • Sheets fit correctly on one page when exporting to PDF.

  • The chart displayed in a sheet is consistent after using fromJSON or toJSON.

  • DATEDIF results are consistent between SpreadJS and Excel.

  • The performance of incremental loading is improved while loading a JSON file.

  • Formula using brackets show correct results after importing a file.

  • Rowchanging and columnchanging events include the cancel attribute.

  • ActiveSheetChanged and ActiveSheetChanging are triggered correctly in events.

  • Cells can set a formula correctly after importing an xlsx file.

  • Cells do not appear underlined after importing an Excel file.

  • Cell border is retained when hover action is performed.

  • Banded rows or columns information is exported correctly to Excel file if table style is none.

  • Copy pasted CustomName returns correct value after performing undo of row deletion.

  • The WEEKNUM formula is enhanced to have the same behavior as in Excel.

  • XLSX file including shapes is imported correctly in the SpreadJS Designer.

  • The chart displays correctly after modifying the chart type.

  • The camera shape is updated when an event is suspended.

  • Data validation content is deleted correctly by Clear All operation in Designer Component.

  • Custom Cell format is displayed correctly in the imported file.

  • Options are provided to unhide the column headers after they are hidden.