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Release Notes for Version 11.1.0

Enhancements from the Previous Release

The following features have been added with this version of the product.

  • Users can set diagonal line border in the cell in order to organize the complex data headers.

  • The vertical text style is now supported, just like in Excel.

  • The filter dialog has been enhanced in order to execute the sort and filter operations more smoothly.

  • SpreadJS supports the hierarchial tree display in the FilterDialog ListBox wherein users can filter the date type data or group data by filter dialog.

  • Custom icon sets are fully supported. Users can set a custom icon for each individual IconCriterion.

  • Users can use various protection options in order to protect a worksheet.

  • SpreadJS supports double underline while setting text decoration in a cell.

Changes from the Previous Release

This version of the product has the following changes.

  • SpreadJS fully supports the undo and redo operations.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved since the last release.

  • When the "ReCalc' button is clicked, the formula result generated is accurate.

  • The TRIMMEAN function now calculates the result correctly.

  • The behavior of MouseMove event is inconsistent with IE11 and Chrome.

  • The import operation can now be executed significantly faster with many styles.

  • Now, there is no difference between the Excel before import and after import.

  • In the designer, the Y-axis is opposite to the X-axis at the bar chart.

  • When the filter button is clicked, a cell click event is fired on Chrome, but no event is fired on iOS Safari.

  • After excel import, charts in the column group are now shown correctly.

  • There are some hidden columns that can be unhidden.

  • The JSON template loads completely without any errors.

  • When the frozen issue arises, the column width is adjusted.

  • In the designer, the tag in the context menu is invalid.

  • The images generated using the method SavePDF is now clear.

  • There is no difference between RangeFiltering and RangeFiltered events.

  • The SpreadJS drag-fill feature no longer shows #ref in this version.

  • The outside formula textbox doesn't work in JP IME when it is running on Chrome.

  • There are no memory leaks in Spread JS.

  • The cell padding no longer shows weird behavior with word wrap and backcolor.

  • The fomula =VALUE("-1") is #VALUE

  • SpreadJS no longer crashes when the comments are added.

  • The cursor cannot be moved to left/right key in the editable combo box.

  • The auto size of the comments could not calculate correctly for CJK characters.

  • There are no problems of formula with the Chinese input method.

  • The source code in this version exports the excel font "Italic" correctly.

  • There are no problems in formula input.

  • The excel import operation crashes for the formula cell.

  • When the add operation is performed in the Firefox browser, it no longer causes the page to be blank.

  • SpreadJS doesn't show the touch toolbar or gripper when the cells are touched on Microsoft Edge.

  • The floating objects can't be deleted on Mac operating system.

  • The EvaluateFormula doesn't work correctly with the online demo.

  • The floating objects set the first column or row position wrong.

  • The Range Selector can't lose focus.

  • The Destroy method causes an error in the JS file.

  • [dbnum2] is no more different from Excel.

  • The vertical scroll feature doesn't work after an Excel file is imported.

  • When you set the frozen row or column count to 0, the sheet is not scrolled.

  • The accounting format is now displayed correctly.

  • POISSON.DIST and BINOM.DIST now work in SpreadJS

  • The time taken to copy and paste data from Excel is now much faster.

  • SpreadJS no longer crashes after importing ssjson to delete rows or columns

  • When copy paste operation is performed from SpreadJS to excel, the line width remains intact.

  • The DateTime format now displays correctly when imported.

  • Now, you can export data to Excel from JSON file.

  • The filter is no longer different to Excel.

  • The paste formula doesn't work on the Formula Textbox.

  • The DEL keypress in the Microsoft Edge browser now works as expected.

  • Importing a large Excel file now takes only 5 minutes.

  • The line break feature no longer displays an error.

  • The hidden row now doesn't gets displayed after importing to Excel.

  • The formula in SpreadJS is no longer different to Excel.

  • Now, there's no problem of cell level binding path.