Version 1
Version 1

Using Touch Support

DataViewsJS is the first mobile grid widget that supports built-in touch gestures. It creates a touch library to convert pointer event in Internet Explorer to standard touch events for touch enabled devices.

Touch gestures are available for the following operations:

Feature Description
Scroll Scroll horizontally and vertically in both the directions. It also supports -webkit-overflow-scrolling effect that provides a feedback effect when scrolled out of boundary.
Selection Select the row or checkbox by a single tap.
Note: Single selection of row or cell is a support touch screen gesture.
Drag-drop Drag-drop the group data in the default grid layout engine. You can also move items in trellis strategy.
Edit Double tap the rows to be edited and then tap to select the action column.
Zoom Zoom gesture in a grid supports zooming along with other elements of the web page. The user cannot zoom within the DataViewsJS widget.

Note: By default the mouse event is fired after the touch event. However, DataViewsJS restrict to trigger the mouse event when it receives the touch gesture start by calling the event.preventDefault().