20 Years of FlexGrid

FlexGrid has a really interesting history that spans 20 years. I had a lot of fun documenting the history of our famous FlexGrid control throughout its life. The History of FlexGrid sample is a brief walk-through of each major version of the FlexGrid. Not only can you read about FlexGrid written in VBX and running on Windows 95, but you can play around with a recreation of it. I used the most modern FlexGrid (JavaScript) and themed it many times over to simulate each edition. I was able to use pretty simple CSS to recreate FlexGrid for very old environments. I even made custom scroll bars in webkit for authenticity. Funny enough, the scroll bars were actually the hardest part of the whole project. Please take some time and explore the full History of FlexGrid. You are sure to learn something about our company and the famous control we create. For example, did you know Microsoft licensed FlexGrid from us and packaged VSFlexGrid inside Visual Studio? The most interesting thing to me is that the most modern version of FlexGrid is written in JavaScript (TypeScript to be more accurate). And it was written by the same person that first wrote the control in 1996, our CTO, Bernardo Castilho. The Wijmo 5 FlexGrid is obviously my favorite version, Link: http://demos.componentone.com/wijmo/5/Angular/HistoryOfFlexGrid/HistoryOfFlexGrid/

Chris Bannon

Global Product Manager of Wijmo
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