ASP.NET5 Beta7 TagHelper update released

logo_Studio_MVC_0215 We recently updated our ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition to support ASPNET5 Beta7. You can now use these controls in MVC6 with Beta7. Please follow the steps mentioned in my last blog on how to get started with TagHelpers & C1Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition controls inside MVC6. The build number you should get from GrapeCity NuGet is C1.Web.Mvc.6.0.20152.32. Please note that this update is available through GrapeCity NuGet. You'll have to add the source path for GrapeCity NuGet to the Visual Studio 2015 Package Manager Source if not already added. The details about NuGet source path is available in the blog link listed above. This release supports ASP.NET Beta7 which was released on September 2. Users who are developing on Beta5(default in VS2015 RTM) should get the last Beta5 release C1.Web.Mvc.6.0.20152.31 from the GrapeCity NuGet.


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