C1 RussCam Episode 66: TechEd Part 3

Episode 66: TechEd Part 3 Russ interviews...his boss! Meet Rick Williamson, General Manager of GrapeCity US, now known as ComponentOne: A Division of GrapeCity. He talks about how the industry has changed over the years. It’s the biggest news in the industry in a while. He talks about the thought process in the acquisition. “We’ve got something pretty special going on.” We chat with another one of the TV winners, Shaun Niu. In the outtakes, we added a short clip from Bill Steele talking about the Microsoft Mustang which he helped build that was at the conference. Download your free trial of ComponentOne Ultimate CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO image IMG_2168 Rick Williamson, Sunny Wong and Don Williamson take a moment to pose at the C1 Celebration announcement party. More Photos on TechEd Celebration Party and TechEd


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