C1NavigationList in Right to Left Direction

C1NavigationList by default opens up from Left to Right. But in case if someone wants to render text from right to left and have the transition from right to left then please go through the blog below. To render text from right to left please override C1NavigationList Item's css with the given below -

<style type="text/css" media="all">  
body .C1NavigationList_IPhone-SimpleList .C1Container .C1List .C1ListItem .C1InnerTextContainer {  
float: right !important;  

body .C1NavigationList_IPhone-SimpleList .C1Container .C1List .C1ListItem .C1DetailImage  
right: inherit !important;  
left: 5px !important;  

To have transition from right to left please add following script - This will slide C1NavigationList from right to left instead of Left to Right.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">  
var oldPerform = C1.Web.iPhone.Transition.prototype.perform;  
C1.Web.iPhone.Transition.prototype.perform = function (newView, oldView, isReverse, transitionEnd) {  
oldPerform.apply(this, [newView, oldView, !isReverse, transitionEnd]);  

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