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This webcast focuses on the ComponentOne Chart controls for WPF and Silverlight. Learn how to bring your data to life with the powerful charting control, C1Chart. We cover data-binding basics, explore the many possibilities and features available, as well as dive into advanced techniques such as interaction, optimization, and even animation.

We build a sample step by step in WPF, and then periodically copy/paste the code into a Silverlight project. This is possible because the C1Chart control has virtually the same API in both platforms. Topics we cover include: Loading data from arrays, data binding, creating data labels and tooltips, adding scrollbar functionality, zooming interaction, customizing plot elements such as conditional formatting, animation on mouse events, saving the chart to an image, and optimization.

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Different C1Chart DataSeries Types

Here are all of the different types of data series used in C1Chart

  • DataSeries (Values)
  • XYDataSeries (Values, XValues)
  • HighLowSeries (Values, XValues, HighValues, LowValues)
  • HighLowOpenCloseSeries (Values, XValues, HighValues, LowValues, OpenValues, CloseValues)
  • BubbleSeries (Values, XValues, SizeValues)

Data Label & Tooltip Bindings

Here's a list of some key properties you can bind elements to in your data label and tooltip templates

  • Value
  • Series
  • SeriesIndex
  • PointIndex
  • PercentageSeries
  • Name
  • [Values]
  • [XValues]


Here are the different features added with the Extended assembly referenced in your project

  • Trend Lines (average, exponential, polynomial, logarithmic, etc)
  • Function Plotting (y = f(x))
  • Parametric Functions (y = f1(t), x = f2(t))
  • Image export with SaveImage method (Png, Jpg, Gif, Tiff, Bmp, Wmp)

Professionally Design the Chart with just 2 Properties

We didn't get to this topic, but you can quickly give the C1chart a professional style by just setting two properties:

  • Theme: Includes a dozen or so built-in themes including Office color schemes.
  • Palette: changes the color generation of the plot elements

Plus, the Silverlight version has support for the Silverlight toolkit themes as seen on codeplex.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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