ComponentOne Announces Launch of Software Development Kit for Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

During Microsoft TechEd 2011 in Atlanta, GA while the tradeshow floor was bustling, the ComponentOne team in Pittsburgh released an update to the first collection of installable Web Parts built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform. The Web Parts in ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint help administrators, IT workers, developers, and end-users create powerful and impressive data views.

The Studio is uniquely suited for both technical and non-technical people looking to optimize their SharePoint 2010 experience. This update introduces a new Web Part, OLAP for SharePoint, which gives users a quick way to create pivot tables and charts. ComponentOne is also releasing a free Software Development Kit (SDK) that will help developers extend the Web Parts.

Dan Beall, product manager at ComponentOne stated, “Our Web Parts are useful out of the box and now with this free software development kit, developers may easily customize them in Visual Studio. They just have to upload extensions to SharePoint and with the Studio for SharePoint SDK; developers will have an enormous head start in custom development.”

Building off our experience in the business intelligence arena, we've expanded our OLAP (online analytical processing) product offering beyond Windows Forms and Silverlight by introducing an OLAP for SharePoint Web Part. Beall said, “Creating a pivoting data view is very easy with our Web Part.”

Each Web Part in the collection, DataGrid, Chart, Maps, CoverFlow, and ImageViewer, contains a unique On-Board Designer, which is a wizard-like menu system that opens in the Web Part and gives the user a visual way to create data views.

Since their initial release in 2008, the ComponentOne Web Parts have been recognized as the Web Parts of choice by many in the SharePoint community and just last week at TechEd, named Code Project Members Choice winner in the SharePoint catergory. You may begin using these Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 sites by downloading the free 30-day trial at


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