ComponentOne Russ Cam™ - Episode 90: Desert Code Camp (Part 1)

RussCam travels to the Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, Arizona! In today's episode, I talk with David McCarter, a multi-talented Principal Software Engineer from San Diego. David is a Microsoft MVP and an INETA Lifetime Achievement Award winner! Find out about how one of his talks helped a fellow geek land a job and he has a video on these techniques! Geek anonymous (AA for Geeks) is another session he does which is about what geeks like and what we don’t like and how can we make things better. Techno-stress? Don’t for get about David McCarter’s coding standards book! He also has a new book on VB 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming. David runs the San Diego .NET Developers Group. He is one very interesting guy and is even writing a book on rock tribute bands. David reminisces about ComponentOne origins with VideoSoft and he recommends C1 tools! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO EPISODE! image Brought to you by Wijmo image image IMG_0402IMG_0405IMG_0412IMG_0414IMG_0415IMG_0426IMG_0447IMG_0449IMG_0451IMG_0481IMG_0483IMG_0490IMG_0493IMG_0500 More Desert Code Camp Photos


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