ComponentOne sponsors Costa Rica SQL Saturday / Code Camp this weekend!

It is great to go back to Costa Rica again this year as a sponsor for SQL Saturday 189! Last year GrapeCity sponsored and now, ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, will continue in sponsoring this unprecedented community event. Out of the gate last year they had to turn people away, as they hit the unbelievable 300 technical folks cap. Wow! I am presenting this year on Building a Windows 8 App From Scratch (English) and showing some of the Studio for WinRT XAML Controls. Here is the line up for sessions, and photos from last year and the Russcam episodes. My favorite is Part 3, where we take a trip to Jaco Beach with some incredible footage of crocodiles, road side fresh fruit stands, and a sunset like I have never seen. Such a beautiful country! I am packing now. image

Photos from 2012 Photos from trip to Jaco Beach 380213_232730910165826_1872155946_n582669_232730786832505_1131351814_n526124_232730410165876_1498988534_n564903_232730153499235_1327192140_n540652_232729973499253_1919194436_n543260_232729560165961_1251284613_n577863_232729326832651_961874095_n392558_232729246832659_885061088_n543472_232729096832674_1209459685_n575028_232700580168859_1093437893_n540378_232700693502181_1764723106_n546693_232700840168833_2099816109_n62666_232701080168809_414307354_n538588_232701116835472_1984460306_n319783_232702150168702_1171631199_n558747_232702120168705_1515486125_n533021_232700630168854_221974483_n292206_232700603502190_327972979_n62598_232699766835607_1722579842_n485833_232699623502288_351375804_n


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