Convert Crystal Reports to Data Dynamics Reports

Data Dynamics Reports installation includes a Crystal Reports(r)* converter utility that converts a Crystal report RPT file to a Data Dynamics Reports (RDLX) file containing a BandedList report item, which most closely simulates the ActiveReports layout. If the converter utility is unable to convert any of the controls or data sources from the original report, a status report within the command window informs you of which items were not converted.

How to Convert:

To convert the RPT file to RDLX, open a command prompt, navigate to the installation directory's Assemblies folder, and input the name of the utility (DataDynamics.Reports.Imports.Crystal.exe) and the path and file name of the RPT file (i.e. C:\CrystalReport1.rpt). You can optionally input the provider, connection string, and SQL query.

DataDynamics.Reports.Imports.Crystal.exe c:\CrystalReport1.rpt provider:"OLEDB" connectionstring:"user id=admin;provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; data source=C:\Nwind.mdb;" sql:"SELECT * FROM Customers"

The converted file is written to the same directory as the original RPT file.

At a minimum, you must have the Crystal Reports version included with Visual Studio 2005 installed for this utility to run.

Converted Controls

The following controls are converted to Data Dynamics Reports controls:
TextBox, CrossTab, Chart, Line, Rectangle, Image.

Other controls convert to placeholder rectangles with the same name as the original controls.

Due to differences between products, the extent to which your reports are converted depends on your specific report layout.

Note about the improved Layout options in Data Dynamics Reports

Data Dynamics Reports features more flexibility than Crystal Reports with report items (including a banded list data region) that you can place anywhere on the report. Data regions can even be placed adjacent to one another, often eliminating the need for subreports. For this reason, once you import your Crystal Reports, you may want to rework them to take advantage of this new flexibility.

Group Headers and Footers

Data Dynamics Reports offers a banded page header and page footer similar to that found in Crystal Reports, so during conversion controls in those sections are placed in corresponding sections in Data Dynamics Reports. Report items in group headers and footers and in single detail sections are imported into bands in the BandedList control to closely mirror the look and behavior of Crystal Reports.

Report Headers and Footers

If a section contains child sections, the child sections are converted to placeholder rectangles within the appropriate band.

Report headers and footers, however, require some adjustment, as they are placed in the body of the report rather than in separate bands.

If "Use Default Margins" is selected in the Page Setup of the original report, Crystal Reports may change the report's dimensions based on the default printer's settings. To ensure proper report dimensions, run the conversion on a machine with the same default printer as the one on which the reports are run.

Converted Differently

• Only the size and position of a chart is converted.
• Only JPG and PNG images are converted.
• Unsupported controls convert to rectangle placeholders with the names of the original controls.
• Checkbox controls convert to textbox report items.
• The following GroupHeader section properties convert to KeepTogether = True:
o RepeatStyle: All, OnPage, and OnPageIncludeNoDetail, GroupKeepTogether: All and FirstDetail,
• Supported summary functions are converted to RDL expressions.

Not Converted

• CaseInsensitiveSQLData, ConvertDateTimeType , ConvertNullFieldToDefault
• DisplayGrid , DisplayHiddenSections , DisplayRulers , EnableSnapToGrid , GridSize
• TranslateDosMemos, TranslateDosStrings , UseIndexForSpeed , VerifyOnEverPrint
• Multiple sub-sections (If a section contains child sections, the child sections are converted to placeholder rectangles within the appropriate band.)
o KeepTogether (Converted only if no sub-sections exist.)
• Section properties:
o NewPageAfter, NewPageBefore , Suppress , CssClass , BackColor , PrintAtBottomOfPage , UnderlaySection , ResetPageNumberAfter , Hide SuppressIfBlank,
• PageHeader/Footer section properties:
o NewPageAfter , NewPageBefore , Suppress , KeepTogether
• Full justify alignment
• Styles, Page 'n' of 'm' in sections other than the page header or footer , Page totals
• The following SummaryFunc values (the rest of the SummaryFunc values are converted):
o DSum (summary distinct) , DAvg , DVar , DVarP , DStdDev , DStdDevP, SummaryGroup (if SummaryType is not SubTotal)

*Crystal Reports® is the registered trademark of Business Objects, S.A.


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