Customers often experience issues while deploying Spread with their application. In this blog I am going to explain deployment of an application which contains Spread for ActiveX. First of all, lets have a look at the Spread files that need to be registered on target machine; if the files are already registered or if you have Spread already installed then you do not need to register these files on the target machine again. These are the files that you need to include with your application while redistributing Spread for ActiveX: To distribute the Unicode version of Spread: If you are creating an International application you need to include following files too: Now lets move on to our dll version of Spread control. In case you are using Spread dll in your applications, you need to include one of the following files to redistribute Spread dll. Apart from the above required files, if you use the Spread methods SSLoadPicture, SSSavePicture or SSLoadResPicture function, you need to include the following file: FPIMAGE.DLL # This file is needed if you have used Spread to load/save any picture. # Must be in system directory if you used the SSLoadPicture, SSSavePicture, or SSLoadResPicture functions. + In order to use the Excel 2007 (xlsx) import and export methods, you need this file as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework. Use the Microsoft Assembly Registration tool (regasm.exe) to register this assembly. The Excel 2007 methods require the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, must be registered with regasm.exe using the /codebase option, and must ensure that the Spread 8 module is in the same folder as the corresponding Excel2007 dll or can be found in the system path. All the above information is available in ReadMe file for Spread.