Development professionals become more confident, influential in business

Software processes have traditionally been long, arduous affairs that could often extend past their predicted deadlines. Projects for developing applications often include planning, which entails numerous considerations that must be addressed before the coding can start, testing and other elements that take up extensive amounts of time. If an issue springs up, this then makes the project go on even longer than intended. However, developers and DevOps personnel work tirelessly to continually improve their operations and ensure that software is delivered on time in an optimal form for employee use. Through these efforts, these teams considerably reduce waste and are able to realize their full value in the business.

While businesses often turn to their IT staff to handle various issues, when it comes to applications, developers have the skill set to deal with the situation more effectively. Software creation is a unique process that's completely different from any other situation that IT members may need to address. For this reason, app builders are often called upon to lend their expertise and deliver a successful application for business use. With the emergence of mobile devices across organizations, the creation of software for this hardware is becoming an essential asset. Developers are put under pressure to meet these demands, but often rise to the challenge to make a program that not only fits the work environment, but also improves upon current procedures.

Developers realizing their importance
Software has been utilized for a number of years and the programs are becoming more sophisticated to keep up with user needs and devices requirements. While employees may praise the application itself, developers are the unsung heroes that deliver a quality product and continue to maintain it long after it has been released. According to an industry survey of 1,000 developers, these individuals are becoming more confident, with 63 percent stating that the profession was influencing the upward movement of society, ZDNet contributor Joe McKendrick reported. With the emergence of new tools and component suites, a majority of developers also more comfortable with experimenting in their software projects, hoping to be an innovative force within various sectors over the next five years. This is significant as it shows how quickly technology is moving and promises that developers are still looking toward the future of organization advancement as well as user capabilities.

"Heads up, software developers, this is your time and place in history," McKendrick wrote. "You are in the driver's seat for changing your businesses, and even the world, and you know it. Developers feel that they have more power to change society, even more than more visible and outspoken professionals, such as public speakers."

Increasing influence of DevOps
While developers are making headway in society, DevOps are making substantial improvements within businesses. InformationWeek contributor Peter Waterhouse noted that DevOps help address performance bottlenecks to limit project wait times and reduce defects before the product is released. This team helps to drive time-to-value efforts and innovates processes accordingly to ensure faster market debuts with less inherent issues. In the mobile environment, as well as organization operations, mitigating wasteful activities is essential to creating a successful program and reaping the most benefits possible. The DevOps will also keep track of potential over-production and the transportation of information. This will help gain the maximum value from the project, reduce data duplication and eliminate any potential defects.

"In so many ways, DevOps is related to Lean thinking," Waterhouse wrote. "Both focus on speeding up the flow of valuable results by removing bottlenecks, constraints and wasteful activities. With DevOps, this involves building an IT culture that works to unify development, testing, deployment, and operational functions."


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