Don't neglect iPhone development

While Android receives more press for its role in enterprise app development, it's important for companies to invest in programming for the iPhone as well. Along with other Apple products, iPhone is appearing more often in the workplace due to bring-your-own-device policies used by millennials, who have long had a love affair with the MacBook and its brethren. As these devices become more common for ad hoc reporting and data analysis in the workplace, apps will have to reflect the change. Businesses can help improve the quality of iPhone app performance by investing in ASP.NET controls and other tools intended specifically for iPhone development. Additionally, concentrating on interoperable use and design can help companies better integrate developer processes with end user needs.

Apple continued to outpace its competitors in the U.S. smartphone market in 2013, posting a 45 percent unit share, according to the NPD Group. Apple's tablet solution performed even better, with iOS accounting for 91 percent of all customer tablet activations in the fourth quarter of last year, according to Good Technology. As smartphones reach a near-ubiquitous level in the U.S., especially among business workers, and tablets become a more popular option for business use due to screen size and advanced capabilities, most custom enterprise apps need to be available on these devices.

Over the past several years, iPhone apps have become more prominent for key business needs, including project management, customer relationship and productivity, wrote WhaTech contributor Jay Patel. These and other applications rely on ad hoc end users leveraging data insights for real-time business development. With a sleek design and familiar controls, the iPhone is already well-positioned to help users crunch the numbers effectively.

"Flexibility is a key reason behind high use of iPhone applications and their success in different sectors," Patel wrote. "They act as a helping hand as and when users need them. It is a leading platform for those who are always hunting for innovative applications."

The benefits of ASP.NET programming for the iPhone
It's up to developers to invest in tools that can help end users unlock the benefits of using their iPhones and iPads for data analysis and reporting. ASP.NET MVC simplifies the process of building mobile Web applications for any smartphone or tablet operation system. Programmers can invest in ASP.NET development tools to take their app design capabilities to the next level.

Studio for iPhone provides developers with the iPhone UX, which is geared directly toward programmers who have experience with iPhone users. All controls have the same theme as the iPhone's native user interface, although they can be customized according to developer preference. Data binding and event handling techniques function in a similar way to other ASP.NET controls. These features allow developers to tailor applications to the iPhone interface without sacrificing interoperability with Android devices. Drag-and-drop and editing controls make it easy to deploy a fully functional Web-based tool to users in a short time frame.

As the iPhone becomes a more popular tool for enterprise users, it makes sense for developers to build applications for the devices people own and use in the workplace. Insights will flow faster for it.


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