Everything runs HTML5

To say that a programmer can utilize HTML5 on a variety of platforms is an understatement. Because of the tremendous swell of community support for making HTML5 the new standard for companies, more applications that utilize HTML5 are coming out by the day. For the incredible amount of uses that HTML5 has, there is no reason not to make it a cornerstone of any content delivery system. There are simply too many opportunities for creating strong, usable content that is able to work in a variety of contexts. HTML5 forms are excellent for putting on websites because of its cross-compatibility, but there may soon be other places where software architects will see the language being used.

According to a recent article in The Fuse Joplin, many different new OSes​ are being utilized by HTML5. One of them, the Firefox OS, was designed on it, which guarantees compatibility with anything built in that language. While some of these smaller OSes may not seem like anything to pay attention to, they are important in that they still account for millions of users, many of whom are tech-savvy or otherwise interested in more complex programs that can represent solid market niches for certain companies.

Even experimental sides of the business get HTML5 environments
An article in Software Development Times showcased a recent HTML5 live coding environment created for the Oculus Rift, the hardware peripheral that many are hailing as the future of virtual reality in the digital age. While this may or may not be the case, it goes to show the sheer amount of support HTML5 is receiving and the necessity of using HTML5 in order to stay on pace with the variety of other companies that are rapidly investing in the same system.

Utilizing cross-platform compatible languages is the new wave for software engineers, because we are reaching a point where a developer simply can't assume that most users will be using their operating system of choice. In order to remedy this situation, engineers must build flexibility, with allowances made for the grand variety of different systems and browsers. In this kind of system, it will be much easier for different workers to support a larger variety of systems because they will naturally be working in a compatible fashion.


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