FlexGrid for Xamarin: The Last Cross-Platform Native Mobile Grid You'll Need

With the recent release of Xamarin Edition in ComponentOne Studio, you'll find there are many reasons you'll want to try the new native mobile controls, especially our native mobile grid.

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No control in our collection has as long and esteemed a history as FlexGrid, the single best grid on the market. The control itself has been developed over the course of two decades, starting in VBScript and working its way through multiple .NET platforms; today it's also available in HTML5/JavaScript--including Angular 2--and Xamarin, iOS, and Android.

What sets Xuni's FlexGrid apart?

  • It's all in the name: Flexibility. Every version of FlexGrid is built for maximum extensibility. That said...
  • It's got a small footprint. App size is crucial, especially in native mobile apps, and FlexGrid is built to be light and modular.
  • It's fast. Performance is a the top priority, from filters to grouping to simply loading the data.
  • Flexible data binding: with our CollectionView, you can bind data according to your business needs.
  • The API is similar across platforms. This, to me, is what really drives home the value of the Xamarin FlexGrid in C1Studio--the API and object model are similar across platforms, so if you've already used FlexGrid in MVC or WPF, you'll find the Xamarin version to be very familiar.

That's FlexGrid in general. But the native mobile version of FlexGrid has been built to meet your specific native mobile needs. For instance:

  • All of Xuni's controls have the best animation you'll find in third-party controls. Animations are challenging to develop, but essential for perfecting a user's mobile experience.
  • Intuitive touch gestures for cell selection, editing, and scrolling are built-in. It even supports column resizing by touch.
  • Adaptive column layouts respond to any-sized device. As you know,real estate is precious in mobile devices, and FlexGrid knows when to resize. Detail rows can be displayed inside nested collapsible cells

Read more at goxuni.com.


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