Let’s Build Something Mobile Session 2: Give Your App Some Pop!

Thanks to everyone who attended part 1 and part 2 of the No Developer Left Behind TechCast series and thanks to Microsoft for running the event! You can find resources from the first session here: Fast Track Your First App. If you missed part 2, then you can watch the recording here: http://bit.ly/MSC1Jan26Recording11am

Session 2: Give Your App Some Pop!

Enhance the look and functionality of your existing Windows Phone app (or one created in the Fast Track Your First App session) by leveraging capabilities specific to the Windows Phone API and by using advanced UI controls. You’ll get a feel for Microsoft’s Expression Blend design tools too. As an attendee, you will be given some time during the session to use what you’ve learned in order to make improvements to your apps.


Oh and did I mention that all attendees (who showed up) will receive a complimentary key for ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone? We are committed to leaving no developer behind as we flourish the Windows Phone marketplace with interesting metro apps. You can find additional samples of ComponentOne controls installed with the studio under \Documents\ComponentOne Samples\Studio for Windows Phone.

ComponentOne Product Manager Greg Lutz

Greg Lutz

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