New release makes ActiveReports the only .NET reporting tool to offer report viewers for Windows, ASP.NET, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

MORRISVILLE, NC — GrapeCity PowerTools today announced the availability of ActiveReports 6 Silverlight Report Viewer Beta Preview for .NET developers. The preview build also includes enhanced support for Windows Azure reporting.

The new release makes ActiveReports 6 the only .NET reporting tool to provide report viewers for Windows, ASP.NET, Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, all in one convenient royalty-free package.

Designed for reporting in Microsoft Silverlight 4 and higher, the Silverlight Report Viewer includes these features:

- Preview reports loaded from a file, document stream, ASPX page, or RPX handler.
- End-user toolbar with Table of Contents (TOC), Thumbnails, Print, Search, Zoom and Navigation buttons.
- Printing support with an extra print-to-PDF option.
- Built-in themes for easy report viewer customization.
- Custom localization support with Japanese and Chinese included.
- Enhanced product documentation, samples and walkthroughs.

The Windows Azure reporting enhancements include:

- Export your reports to Microsoft Excel from within Azure in full trust mode.
- PDF digital signatures are now supported in Azure full trust mode.
- ActiveReports also supports Azure in medium trust with standard platform limitations.

The ActiveReports Silverlight Report Viewer will be licensed for use in the ActiveReports 6 Professional Edition. Existing ActiveReports 6 Professional Edition customers will receive the Silverlight Report Viewer control at no additional charge as part of the next Service Pack (SP2) release.

More information is available on the ActiveReports Forums announcement page.