Importing HTML tables to VSFlexGrid

This blog deals with loading of HTML tables into VSFlexGrid. Currently we have LoadGrid method which loads grid from a file previously saved comma-delimited text file (CSV format) such as an Excel text file, or a tab-delimited text file saved using the SaveGrid method. To load HTML table directly, we need to parse the HTML into a delimited text file and use LoadGrid to add it. Following code showcases the same, on Form _Load event:

' Load some HTML Text  
 Me.Text1.Text = "<table>" & _  
 "<thead>" & _  
 "<tr>" & _  
 "<th>Header 1</th>" & _  
 "<th>Header 2</th>" & _  
 "</tr>" & _  
 "<tbody>" & _  
 "<tr>" & _  
 "<td>R1C1</td>" & _  
 "<td>R1C2</td>" & _  
 "</tr>" & _  
 "<tr>" & _  
 "<td>R2C1</td>" & _  
 "<td>R2C2</td>" & _  
 "</tr>" & _  
 "</tbody>" & _  

To parse the html, we will create a ParseHTML() method which will parse this string into a CSV file.

Private Sub ParseHTML(htmlText As String)  
    ' Use VSFlexString to parse out the HTML  
    ' and create comma delimited text  
    With Me.VSFlexString1  
       .Text = htmlText  
       .Pattern = "</tr>"  
       .Replace = "\\r\\n"  
       .Pattern = "</th>"  
       .Replace = ","  
       .Pattern = "</td>"  
       .Replace = ","  
       .Pattern = "<[^>]*>"  
       .Replace = ""  
       .Pattern = ",\\r\\n"  
       .Replace = "\\r\\n"  
    End With  
End Sub

Now, we will use the LoadGrid method of VsFlexGrid and import the table into the grid :

Private Sub Command1_Click()  
    Dim mytext  
    mytext = FreeFile  

    ' Convert HTML to comma delimited text  
    ParseHTML Me.Text1.Text  
    Me.Text1.Text = Me.VSFlexString1.Text  

    ' Save the text to a .csv  
    Open App.Path & "\\text.csv" For Output As #mytext  
       Print #mytext, Me.Text1.Text  
    Close mytext  

   ' Load the .csv into the grid.  
    Me.VSFlexGrid1.LoadGrid App.Path & "\\text.csv", flexFileCommaText  
End Sub

Please refer to the attached sample for complete implementation. Download Sample


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