In mobile development, how much is too much?

Organizations are participating in the mobile app frenzy, each trying to create software that will boost their operations and potential benefits. As boundaries continue to be tested by developers, the question remains, "How much is too much?" With component suites and coding knowledge in hand, programmers are seeking to answer this query.

Businesses are lucky if they make one successful app, but what about 10? CAIL Enterprise Mobile's Ron Thompson is doing just that, creating nearly a dozen apps every couple of weeks and repeating the process on a month-to-month basis. Because this can take up significant time and resources to accomplish, there is a lot at stake. However, Thompson doesn't see it that way.

"That's called sustainable business innovation, and that's magic," Thompson told VentureBeat.

Whether your company sticks with Thompson's plan or develops one of its own, the actual mobile creation process is going to be a critical aspect to its success. WhaTech noted that programmers must ensure the viability of the user interface and accompanying functions throughout the software's lifecycle, from concept to ultimate end. The app must be easily navigable and visually appealing. If it's clunky and gaudy, employees are likely to use consumer-grade programs instead.

Putting in popular tools like push notifications and enabling personalization will also attract users. This can help ultimately decrease shadow IT practices and give staff the experience they've been asking for. Using HTML5 for these needs will further innovate the design process, as updates can easily be deployed across all devices without needing to create separate versions for each operating system. This can fuel faster decisions and provide users with the tools they need right away.

"Facilitating easy updates is very helpful to retain your customers," WhaTech stated. "Push notifications can be given when new updates are available. Old version should be substituted by the new whole update procedure."


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