Microsoft Dynamics Uses Wijmo 5 by GrapeCity to Deliver Mobile User Interface Options

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 8, 2016- At the O’Reilly Fluent Conference today, GrapeCity Inc., leaders in developer-productivity solutions, announced the company’s recent collaboration with Microsoft and the incorporation of Wijmo’s line of HTML5 and JavaScript products into the 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. With the launch of the 2016 update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft’s latest version includes new mobile capabilities for administrators and customizers. To build the new mobile interface for its Dynamics CRM solution, Microsoft used the high-quality JavaScript controls in Wijmo 5, a collection of true JavaScript UI controls by GrapeCity. Complete with touch support and broad device support, clean design, and easily customizable controls, Wijmo 5’s gauge and input controls were helpful in developing user friendly interface options for Microsoft Dynamics customers. "Businesses are increasingly looking for intelligent customer engagement solutions that provide a great mobile experience and Wijmo 5's touch support and mobile-friendly user interactions enable us to deliver that for our customers" said Param Kahlon, GM Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineering at Microsoft. "With Wijmo’s extensibility model, the Microsoft Dynamics team was able to quickly customize and incorporate Wijmo 5 controls into our new release." Top Reasons Microsoft Dynamics chose Wijmo 5:

  • Touch Support
  • Mobile-Friendly User Interactions
  • Broad Device Support
  • Clean Design and Highly-customizable
  • Globalization for 40+ Cultures
  • Flexible Input and Gauges Control

As to what is on the horizon for Wijmo, the company is planning to release a new installment of Wijmo (2016 v1) on March 15, 2016. Chris Bannon, product manager at GrapeCity, announced, "Our v1 release will offer new OLAP pivot controls focused on top performance and zero dependencies, along with several enhancements to input, exporting charts, creating PDF’s and full support for Angular 2." Wijmo's collaboration with Microsoft, the upcoming release and the announcement of full Angular 2 support, is indicative of Wijmo's commitment to provide the most complete control toolset to help developers deliver touch-first, highly-responsive web apps across the enterprise. About Wijmo Wijmo is a line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise application development. Owned and operated by GrapeCity Inc., Wijmo offers cutting-edge JavaScript controls (Wijmo 5) and classic jQuery widgets (Wijmo 3). ### All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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