We're pleased to announce the publication of "How to Select a JavaScript Framework for Your Team," a Wijmo e-book published by GrapeCity. Even if you're not currently a JavaScript developer, this book is an easy read and a must-have for any developer considering the jump to JavaScript. It teaches you about the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript’s top frameworks (Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue, Knockout) and offers a methodology for selecting which framework works best for your team and project. Facebook-Ebook

You’ll learn:

  • About JavaScript frameworks, software design patterns, and how frameworks support modern web apps
  • The basic history and purposes of JavaScript's top frameworks, including:
    • AngularJS
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue.js
    • Knockout
  • How to integrate a basic control in pure JavaScript and the five frameworks described
  • The SPEC method, which allows you to determine which framework is best suited to your project based on your priorities
  • How migrating to a new framework will shift based on your selection

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