Overview of the Spread Product Family v9 Sp1 Release

In case you are new here, Spread is a product line that includes spreadsheet, grid, and data presentation components for .NET and JavasScript developers. Spread Studio v9 Sp1 and SpeadJS v9 Sp1 were just released and we have a lot of news. Here is an overview:

Updates for .NET and JavaScript Components

Even though we have a lot of news, this release is a service pack, so changes to the software are issue fixes and minor enhancements. The lists for each product are below:

The initial release of Spread 9 came last fall. If you'd like to revisit feature updates, visit these pages:

Introducing Spread.Views, an One-of-kind JavaScript Data Presentation Component

With the Sp1 release, we are unveiling the Community Technology Preview of Spread.View. This innovative, fast JavaScript data presentation and layout component goes beyond traditional tabular display by including a variety of views such as grid, tree, card, masonry, trellis, timeline, Gantt, and calendar. Spread.Views provides ultimate flexibility by making layouts, row templates, data fields, calculations, and editing modes completely and easily customizable.

Spread.Views in in CTP stage now, but will be released in Fall 2016.


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