Recap: West Palm Beach DNUG May 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out and packed the house tonight! It was great to meet so many new faces, and see old friends Sam Abraham and Dave Noderer again. Here are the links to download the sample code or to download the slides. At this time, web development is both exciting and frustrating. Browser manufacturers are adding powerful features to browsers, but each on their own schedule, and in some cases (such as the date input type) in their own way. Many features of HTML 5, such as the semantic tags, and and should be implemented now. Other features, such as some of the local storage options, can be implemented now but a fallback polyfill will also need to be implemented. As we saw, responsive design and progressive enhancement can be used to build a site which functions well in the major browsers and device formats, usually with far less effort than maintaining multiple sites or native applications. If you're starting a new web application today, plan to incorporate HTML5 and related technologies from the beginning. The "technology triumvirate" can also be added to existing applications as you maintain them. In parts of the demo, I showed some of our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets. Wijmo is a plugin to jQuery UI, and you don't need any additional library to use them. The widgets I showed are pure client-side widgets. If your applications uses WebForms or MVC, we have some great server-side controls and scaffolding in our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. These are the only WebForms controls which render jQuery and HTML 5. Thanks again for coming out, I had a great time, and I look forward to coming back again!


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