Release Preview: Get it All with Xuni Enterprise

When Xuni's collection of native mobile controls launched in March, you got access to three beautiful, lightweight, customizable controls for native mobile apps—and you could code once in C# for all mobile platforms, since we developed it for the Xamarin.Forms platform. With the August 2015 release of Xuni, we're launching two new platforms (iOS and Android) and the legendary FlexGrid control in native mobile form... and you can get them all with the launch of Xuni Enterprise, a bundle offering native mobile development across all platforms.

The Xuni Enterprise bundle offers something for everyone:

  • Native development for iOS, Android, and Xamarin
  • Multiple IDEs (Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, and Eclipse)
  • Multiple languages (C#, Objective C, Swift, and Java)
  • Free lifetime support

All that, and you get the best animation in data visualization tools out there. Lightweight and configurable, your clients will love the smooth, native experience they'll get in any device.

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