RussCam Episode 100 - Best of Awards!!!!

Download the RussCam by ComponentOne Windows Phone app to watch all of these videos and have easy access to the RussCam Daily News, technical videos and more! If you don't have a Windows Phone, see all the Russ Cam videos on the ComponentOne Russ Cam landing page. Carve out a half hour and get some popcorn for a very cool, entertaining and professionally edited Episode 100! Thanks to Roger Hobbs who has edited all 100 episodes and this one in particular, which is outstanding! We went thru all 99 episodes and the video team, Roger Hobbs and Tommy Hodges, and myself hand picked out the best for your entertainment! Congrats to all of the winners below in some exciting categories! I would like also give a special thanks to all of the interviewees on Episodes 1-99, you all deserve an award as well! Finally, to everyone, thanks so much for supporting RussCam! I would also like to thank ALL of Special guests in this video, listed below, for making an heart felt appearance in this episode. My video editor surprised me with these special appearances and I am so appreciative! WATCH VIDEO – CLICK HERE: image Special Guests:

  • Max Trinidad
  • Luis Perez
  • Rachel Terman
  • Michael Stark
  • Esteban Garcia
  • Ed Buhain
  • Dave Noderer
  • Karen Slosaski
  • Adnan Cartwright
  • Carl Franklin
  • Kevin Wolf
  • John Dunagan

Winners! Biggest RussCam Yell: Orlando Code Camp 2013 Most Influential: Mary Jo Foley, Scott Hanselman Best Interview: Tim Huckaby Best Announcer Voice: John Papa Best Promo: Tommy Hodges Funniest Clip: Joe Healy Most Unique Russ Cam Yell: Luis Perez and the Windows Phone User Group in Tampa! Best Dev Diversion: Karla and Rodney Landrum, the Landrum family, Ryan Duclos, Shawn McGehee and some red snappers. Best Florida MVP Interview: Nikita Polyakov, Max Trinidad, and Brandon Kelly – MVP Summit 2012 Best Fustino Family Cameo: Billy Hollis Most Energy: Rachel Terman, hands down! Most Scenic : Costa Rica SQL sat 133 , Alex Funkhouser, Joe Healy at Jaco Beach Best Gift: Tom and Pam Oeser , the hard hat continues! Best Tribute: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, produced by Roger Hobbs! With Shervin Shakibi. Best Non-Brand: John Smith Best MVP: Ted Neward Best Special Effect: Ed Buhain Most Historic: Dave Noderer and Karen Slosaski Most Reminiscent: Chris Bowen Boston code camp where it all started. Best Beach: Bill Reiss and mention of Chris Woodruff and Jim Duffy recipes. Also with Nikita Polyakov, Amber Osborne, Kevin Wolf and John McFetridge Best Landmark: Hoover Dam with Carl Franklin and Miguel Castro Most Educational: TechEd speaker idol 2013 with Judges, Stephen Rose, Billy Hollis, Paula Januszkiewicz, and David Giard along with winner Jessica DeVita Best Beer Suggestion: Bill Steele Best Intro: The return of the wolf, Kevin Wolf Best Mustang and Cat Video: Keith Rowe Best Outtake: Mark Goldberg Original RussCam Yell: Alex Funkhouser


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